Innovation in Agricultural, Safety, Environmental and Wash Systems 


Welcome to PE Services, our mission is to provide our customers with bespoke solutions using the highest possible levels of quality materials and products.

This is supported by our quality service which is driven by our knowledge and our continuous pursuit of innovation.

We provide unique vehicle and specialist wash systems under the Eurowash name.

We operate nationwide and in the UK .


Poultry Industry

We provide a full design, installation and maintenance service in Ireland and the UK.

Whether you are starting from a green field site, extending or converting our team can assist with every aspect from planning to the specification best suited to your specific needs.

PE Services provides a superior range of equipment with the benefit of over 25 years experience within the poultry industry.

Please click here for our full poultry installation Service .



Pig and Dairy Farm Equipment

PE Services have established a leading reputation in the Irish pig industry.

We have been involved in some of the largest piggery developments in Ireland. We can offer a complete package or part packages depending on your particular requirements.

We can assist in the design stage right up to installation and after sales service for every size of piggery developments.

PE Services are main agents for Skiold Denmark.

safety gate

Envirnomental Services

Oil separators are installed on surface water drainage systems to protect receiving waters from Polution by Oil which may be present due to minor leaks from vehicles and plant, from accidental spillage.

Effluent from industrial processes and vehicle washing should normally be discharged to the foul sewer (subject to the approval of the sewerage undertaker) for further treatment at a municipal treatment works

PE Services are agents for Klargester, Ireland’s market leader in off-mains drainage and sewage treatment plants.

PE Services provide Mobile Flood Protection walls - River embankment Industrial and municipal object and area protection.



Vehicle Wash Systems

PE Services are specialists in customised design and manufacture of Wash Systems. Manual and Automatic systems provided.



Safe Access Systems

PE Services provide Safe Access Systems for Road Tankers and Bridging Platforms to a wide range of companies that include the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and any industry using road tankers.

We provide the following CE and ATEX approved products -

PE Services offer a complete design and installation service for all types of safe vehicle access.



Other Products

PE Services are able to provide a subsidiary product range to augment our quality of service provided to our customers

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