Avian Flu

Recent outbreaks of Avian Flu in Europe and the UK has meant that poultry farmers should be extremely vigilant to ensure that they step up their bio-security procedures. All poultry farmers should ensure that protective measures are taken by themselves and any visitors to their farms. They should also ensure their chlorination systems are operating in accordance with the Department of Agriculture’s guidelines. For further information visit the Department of Agriculture’s website for guidance www.agriculture.gov.ieHens

Agri Sector Energy Efficient Lighting

Why look at lighting retrofits?

  • Running Cost – You may be paying more than necessary on energy and maintenance
  • Profitability – Improved lighting can improve your yields
  • Regulation – To ensure you are compliantwith Animal Welfare Directives, and are not using banned technology


Case study – Poultry broiler shed

  • Existing lighting 150 x 60w incandescent lamps, with 9kw load
  • Retrofitted 36 x 35w T5 and new dimming system, 1.26kw load
  • Light uniformity exceeds min 20 lux over 80% so is compliant

80% total savings