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Agricultural Spares


PE Services provides a wide range of spares for poultry and pigs.

We provide delivery anywhere in Ireland next day, UK overnight and worldwide.

Please contact us with any queries and we will advise you of availability and prices. Email: info@peservices.ie

Our products include:

  • Motor
  • Feed Chain
  • Astro Turf for nest boxes
  • Drinkers
  • Feedlines
  • Regulators
  • Feed valves
  • Winches
  • Fans
  • Diaphrams
  • Nipples
  • Feed Pumps
  • High Pressure Pumps
  • Silos
  • Solenoid valvesLights
  • Augers
  • PVC piping
  • PVC fittings
  • Screws
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • High pressure hoses
  • High pressure fittings
  • Stainless steel rope

Automatic Gates and Parking Barriers

PE Services provide Automatic gates and entry systems. The advantages that automatic gates can provide are plenty, such as being able to open/close and lock your gates from the comfort of your home or your car, and vet all visitors via an audio/video intercom system plus the piece of mind that you have complete control of access to and from the road for the safety of your young children.

There are several different types of domestic gates available and numerous ways of how they are automated and controlled.

As well as gate automation, we supply all types of accessories ranging from audio and video intercoms systems, radio remote controls, safety photocells, induction loops, digital keypads, card readers and entry controls. We also supply audio and video intercom kits (wired and wireless).

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LeaderReliable, strong, safe:

The Leader of the range Body in die cast aluminium, transmission pinion in bronze, self-lubrication endless screw, polyester powder paint without T.G.I.C., QUALICOAT licenced.  Personalized unclamping key.  Available in two versions: with inox tube and towing hand or  with covered stroke and pivot..


Compact_TATIReliable and sturdy linear operator, extremely noiseless with an elegant and compact design.  Structure in aluminium with polyester powder paint without T.G.I.C., QUALICOAT licenced. Self-locking mechanism and patented unclamping.  Available in two versions: with inox tube and towing hand or with covered stroke and pivot.


SharkHigh technology in an operator with die-casting aluminium structure, studied for intensive use. The fluid-grease lubrication system, the built-in thermic protection and the tight joint ensure a long-lasting working life in any weather condition.  Great ruggedness and total corrosion resistance.  Suitable to preserve the styling of an antique and valuable gate.

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ShowerActuator 900 revolutions per minute with low speed motion.  Suitable for long gates and designed for an intensive use.  ie-casting structure painted with polyester powder without T.G.I.C., QUALICOAT licenced.


Advantage02Gear-motor for a semi-intensive use. High ruggedness and corrosion resistance. Reduction gear in die-casting aluminium. The self-locking mechanism ensures a perfect closing without electrical lock. Unclamping key, anti-shearing crank simply to install also on pillars of great dimensions.

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Ruota04Easy to install on every kind of leaf. Suitable for:

  • brittle pillars
  • application on large leaves
  •  rough and slope ground
  • internal or external opening
  • issymmetrical leaves


feederReversible actuator to be used with electrical lock.

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Sliding Gates

CatHigh reliability motor, available in a large number of versions.  Able to satisfy any kind of requirement.  The base is in die-casting aluminium painted with polyester powder without T.G.I.C. QUALICOAT licenced, the pinion is in bronze and the cover in ABS..

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Parking Barrier

ParkProjected and built in the rationalest way to consent a regular movement also for long bars. The barrier is moved by an electromechanical thrust mechanism with a gear motor connected with an adjustable balanced spring system.

Mechanical limit switch and control unit build in.

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Swing Balanced Door


Irreversible gear motor with release for manual opening, adjustable galvanized slides and brackets; chain drive to minimize the dimensions and completely noiseless. Mechanical limit switch, built-in control unit, suitable for every kind of accessory. Pre-assembled group for the automation of sectional doors, spring and balanced doors.

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SwingCentral or lateral application. Power supply 230V 200W .  Built-in control unit with courtesy light and thrust control.

Rolling Shutters

UniversalA single operator for any kind of rolling shutter.  Small size, manageable, powerful.

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probioaticsPE Services carry a wide range of Probiotic treatments for cleaning of water installations, animal houses and also the cleaning of drinking systems for pigs and poultry.

Our unique probiotic cleaning products are It’s THE solution for different problems due to the yearlong use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants. Safety, environmentally friendly and performance are the key words for the unique PIP products.

PIP WaterPLUS is a powerful probiotic concentrate for cleaning water installations. Biofilm formation is the cause of blockages, reduced performance and the development of pathogenic germs. PIP Water PLUS has an active effect on the binding matrix components of the biofilm and ensures that all pipes, pumps and reservoirs are clean and remain clean. PIPWater PLUS is a neutral product which is completely harmless. It can be applied safely in all types of water installations. PIP WaterPLUS is biologically degradable, non-flammable, non-foaming and non-volatile.

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probiotic 2Strong probiotic cleaner for stables and other animal housing or installations. Eliminates impurities more thoroughly, forming a stable and healthy microflora in the environment of the animals.


probiotic 3Probiotic cleaner for frequent atomization in stables and other animal housing or installations. It maintains the healthy microflora previously introduced by PIP AHC cleaning. PIP AHS is compatible and safe for all animals.

PIP Water Plus

probiotic 4Probiotic water cleaner use in drinking systems for pig or poultry. It maintains a healthy microflora and is safe and compatible for livestock.

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Rapeseed Oil

rapeseedPE Services can provide equipment to assist in the processing of rapeseed oil, such as rapeseed oil cleaning system and bottling plant.