Safe Step - Safe Access Systems 

Tanker  Step Access Systems - Safe Access Systems for Road Tankers/Bridging Platforms

PE Services provide Safe Access Systems for Road Tankers and Bridging Platforms to a wide range of companies that include the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and any industry using road tankers.

We provide the following CE and ATEX approved products -

  • Steel Gantries
  • Tanker Access Step Units
  • Tanker Platform Ladders
  • Mezzanine floor safety barriers
  • Custom Design and Manufacture

PE Services offer a complete design and installation service for all types of safe vehicle access.

We also offer-

  • Supply only – complete with full installation instructions
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Staff instruction
  • Annual maintenance and inspection

Whether you are installing a new loading/unloading facility or have a safety concern with an existing facility our experienced staff will visit your site to help and advise on the best solution to your safe access problem.

Associated Steelwork

PE Services can manufacture and supply all associate steelworks such as Gantries, Walkways, Stairs , platforms, Handrails, Ladders and General Fabrications. These can be supplied in stainless or mild steel.

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Mobile Platforms


Our Light Weight Mobile Vehicle Access Platforms are designed to cater for tanker loading areas where floor space is considered to be at a premium.

The units are constructed from various Aluminium and mild steel materials, which when combined, give structural strength, flexibility and manoeuvrability to the unit providing peace of mind to the end user.

The height adjustable platform is easily transportable and once in position and secured a safe access onto the vehicle can then be achieved, without compromising the safety of the operator at all.


  • Barrel Tankers
  • Iso Tankers
  • Maintenance Platform

Safety Features and Interlocking Mechanisms

  • Full wrap around Cage
  • Adjustable Top Step to suit height variations
  • Adjustable Ladder c/w Safety Rails & Non Slip Rungs
  • Stabilisers
  • Rubber Wheels c/w Lock

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Tanker Step Access - Safe Access Systems


Our Step Access Systems provide a safe working environment to anyone who wishes to gain access to an area that is of a different height, and where safety is a priority. They are supplied with handrails that run from the top fixed step to the end moving step and can also incorporate a full cage to enclose the worker in a safe area.

Suitable for Barrel tankers, ISO tankers and maintenance platforms our Folding Step Unit can be manufactured specifically to suit the environment in which they will be used. Our current range begins with a two step unit and continues upwards to six steps and all are available in various tread widths.

The operation of the Step Unit can be either manual or pneumatic , and locking systems are available if required.

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Bridging Platforms

bridging platforms

Our Droprite Bridging Safe Access Platform is typically used in loading bays for loading and unloading vehicles with varying height load beds. They are also used extensively in warehouse loading docks and distribution centres as they facilitate easy loading of goods.

Our Droprite Bridging Safe Access Platforms have a spring assisted operation and can have fixed or folding side rails and have aluminium tread plate decking. The body is hot dipped galvanised after manufacture to ensure many years of maintenance free operation.

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Mezzanine Floor Safety Barriers

Our Mezzanine Floor Safety Barrier systems provide all-round edge protection to pallet truck operatives when loading or unloading pallets onto high level floor openings.

We also offer Pallet Gate Safety Barriers manufactured to customers required specifications.

All our Safety Barriers are constructed from mild steel and are supplied with a yellow powder coat finish (BS08E51). They can also be constructed in stainless steel for use in corrosive or hygienic environments.

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Swing Arm Safety Barriers

Operation Spring assisted manually operated. Pneumatically operated.

 swing arm2 swing arm1swing arm3

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Pneumatic Vehicle Access Systems

Access Platform and Safety Cages

The Pneumatic Access Platform has been developed to provide a purpose – built solution to the high risk and potential onsite dangers to operatives using container type vehicles such as barrel type top – loading tankers. The emphasis on overall safety is paramount.

The system is primarily pneumatically operated, and incorporates a variety of fail-safe features including interlocks, speed controls, automatic locking devices and tilt feature, which enables the platform to lower at a controlled speed horizontally onto the vehicle below, and also tilt downwards to suit the gradient of the tanker body in the case of sloping type barrel tankers.

Once in position over the vehicle, the operative can achieve safe access to the top of the vehicle, working at height without the fear or risk of suffering serious injuries. In the event of an air supply failure, the platform remains in the static position, enabling the operator to exit safely.

Typically, the environment in which this system is used is highly volatile, often carrying a high explosive risk. This has led to an emphasis on the design and construction of a system utilising materials and components that discharge any build up of static electricity to earth, thus assisting in lowering the risk of explosion.

In order to satisfy clients of the compliance of the system as a whole, comprehensive documentation is produced to evidence that all components and materials comply fully with the latest ATEX Directives (94/9/EC).

Access Platform2Safety CageAccess Platform1

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Chemical Loading Arms

  • Truck loading arms
  • Truck bottom loading arms
  • Solvent loading arms
  • Liquid loading arms
  • Lorry loading arms
  • Top loading arms
  • Truck top loading arms

 TERRA Land Loader Program

SVT’s TERRA Land Loader Program is specifically designed for safely and efficiently loading and unloading railcars and tank trucks. This range of products includes a complete series of top and bottom loading arms which, thanks to their system elements and wide range of accessories, can be tailored to fit almost any customer need. This product range also includes loading platforms, folding stairs, safety cages, etc. that transform our loading arms into complete loading systems.

  • Nominal bores from 1" to 10"
  • Operating temperature from –196°C to +250°C
  • Operating pressures up to 50 bar
  • Parts in contact with products lined with steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, or PTFE
  • Flanged ROTAFLEX swivel joints
  • Second line for vapor return pressure, release, or purge line
  • Complete integration into existing processes
  • Extensive safety equipment
  • Explosion-proof models
  • Can be expanded into complete TERRA loading systems through the inclusion of loading platforms, folding stairs, and safety cages

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ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints

ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints3 ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints2 ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints1

All TERRA loading arms are equipped with our tried-and-tested ROTAFLEX swivel joints.

  • Nominal bores from 2" to 8"
  • Operating temperature from –196°C to +250°C
  • Operating pressure of up to 50 bar
  • Lining and/or heating available
  • Double-sided flanged construction
  • Available in single- or twin-race versions
  • Hardened ball races without race rings
  • Sealing faces made of stainless steel
  • Double dynamic seals
  • Different sealing materials (e.g. FPM, PTFE, CSM, EPDM, PE)
  • Seal flushing available
  • Sealing systems with minimal dead space and/or FDA-approved sealing materials
  • Seals do not need to be regularly changed
  • Certified in accordance with relevant international rules
  • and standards
  • Design certification and certification according to Germany’s Clean Air Guidelines
  • ROTAFLEX cryogenic swivel joints have no specific cooling rate

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Emergency Release Couplers (ERC)

Release Couplers2 Release Couplers1

By automatically releasing in the event of a vehicle rolling away during loading or unloading, SVT’s emergency release couplers play an important role in protecting employees, the environment, and loading equipment. Nominal bores from 2" to 10"

  • Operating temperature from –196°C to +250°C
  • Suitable for top and bottom loading arms
  • Complete line flow
  • Spring-actuated closing device
  • Minimal release volume
  • Mechanical or hydraulic operation
  • Can be reconnected quickly and easily

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TERRA System Elements

TERRA System2 TERRA System1

Thanks to our range of system elements and extensive accessories, the TERRA Land Loader Program can be tailored to meet practically any customer need:

  • Weight compensation using counterweight or spring-powered cylinder
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic loading arm operation
  • Variety of connectors and couplers
  • Extraction hoods available in a variety of different versions
  • Fixed or telescoping downpipes
  • Overfill and flange safeties
  • Valves, fittings, and process connections
  • Process sensors such as monitoring systems, remote indicators, and alarm indicators
  • Loading platforms with and without intermediate landings
  • Folding stairs and protective cages, counterweighted and/or hydraulically or pneumatically operated

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Safe Nets

Our Safe-Nets are specifically designed for maintenance safety in bus, truck, car and rail service bay pits.

Our durable, easy-to-use safety polypropylene netting solutions are ideal to protect mechanics that service buses, trains, or mass transit systems

Safe-Nets provide an effective fall-prevention system for vehicle maintenance areas and open -pit service bays

Safe-Nets open-pit safety systems have helped customers achieve better safety records with lower costs, setting a new standard for car and truck service centers internationally.

Safe-Nets1  Safe-Nets2   Safe-Nets3  Safe-Nets4  Safe Net7 Safe Net6

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