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Wash Systems

PE Services are specialists in customised design and manufacture of Wash Systems. Manual and Automatic systems provided We also provide services and repairs to wash systems  PE Services is the manufacturer of Eurowash wash systems, these products are manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards using quality components.

Car Wash Systems

Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems

We are Irish agents for Ceccato , who are amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle washing equipment with a presence in over 60 countries. All machines provide a strong visual appeal, unbeatable speed, efficiency and performance combined with unique smoothness which allow for wash results like no other. Conveyor – for busy sites where vehicle throughput and quality washing is a priority, washing up to 120 cars per hour. Contact us to discuss the machine which best suits your needs. Whether you require a machine which washes 8 cars per hour or 120 cars per hour , there is a machine with the performance to match your requirements. Auto wash 1 Auto wash 2 Auto wash 3 Auto wash 4 Auto wash 5 Auto wash 6 Auto wash 7

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Manual Jet Wash Systems

Over 20 years experience within the car wash industry. Our jet wash systems are manufactured to the highest standard using high quality, tried and tested components. Our cabinets are made using stainless steel to ensure solid long lasting enclosures which compliment any forecourt. Customised wash systems are available depending on your needs. Frame mounted systems housed in an existing store or enclosure, with an external control unit on a post at the wash bay, is a cost effective solution We will also provide a design service for screens or enclosures to enhance and maximize your car wash facility. 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty also included in fully installed price Operation

  • Manual Operation by Key Switch
  • Token Operation – Coin Slot
  • Codax Operation (Optional)


          man wash1 man wash2man wash4 man wash3 man wash6 man wash5 man wash7

Screens and Enclosures, and Valet Bays

From a screen to single bay and multi-bay enclosures, attractive structures which protect customers from the weather and spray from other wash users. These structures enhance any wash area giving a professional look to add to overall profitability of any wash site. A full range of protective screens are available to further enhance your wash facility. Multi-bay wash enclosures are also available, which can incorporate jet washes or automatic wash systems.   Whether you are a garage or a professional valet, we will provide you with all you need to ensure you achieve a professional cleaning finish on any vehicle. From the washing equipment to the enclosure we will assist to make your work place efficient and effective.

screen wash6 screen wash5 screen wash4 screen wash3 screen wash2 screen wash1

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Centralised Cleaning Systems

centralise cleaning system PE Services build a range of high pressure pumping units for various ring mains systems. Up to 10 lances can be operated simultaneously at pressures of up to 3000 p.s.i. Specialist units are produced for the pharmaceutical industry with all components in 316 stainless steel. Full certification and validation is produced for these units. ATEX approved systems are also available. Factory Washdown units are designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and are designed to be user friendly, efficient and reliant

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Codax Self Service

Coada selfServiceCodax™ is the World’s most successful token-free access control system for carwash and other forecourt equipment. Making life easier for you and your customers, Codax Retail Code Access Systems provides a familiar and hassle free customer experience. The system also reduces shrinkage and unauthorised usage therefore impacting positively on your pro­tability. Whether you require a POS system or a completely self service system accepting credit and debit cards we have a solution for you.

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Mobile Units

mobile unitWe offer wide range of high performance, heavy duty, hot and cold pressure washers. Water pressures of up to 3,000 psi are available, petrol, diesel or electrical power can be supplied. Please call us to discuss your requirements further.

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Frame Mounted(Skid Mounted) and multi bay wash systems

These systems can be located in a pump house or storage area located on site. All hoses and controls can be located within the washbay or car wash enclosure. As we manufacture these systems ourselves we can provide a system which matches your needs and budget. frame mounted2 frame mounted1  frame mounted3

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Hand Wash Conveyor

       Hand wash1  Hand wash2  Hand wash3 Hand wash4 Hand wash5

  Hand Wash Conveyor is a new concept in car washing. It combines some elements of the automatic wash with the care of a hand wash, to provide an efficient, fast and profitable car wash centre. This system allows for a high through put of cars with a minimal number of staff. An average unit of 16 metres will wash 60 cars per hour. Longer units will increase throughput. We can tailor each system to your specific site requirements. This system provides customers with a whole new type of wash experience, it is remarkably quiet and smooth and customers appreciate the quality and the efficiency of the wash. Essentially the customer drives to the entrance of the wash where the wheels and sills are pre-treated with detergent and a high pressure lance. The car enters the wash bay and drives on to a heavy duty conveyor belt. This belt is wide and pulls the car along. The customer stays in their car with the hand brake on and the car in neutral. The operator selects the desired wash programme, the car is foamed in the first arch, as the car exists this arch the operators begin to sponge the car as it moves along, there is a non slip walk way on both sides of the conveyor. The car then passes through a rinse arch, wax arch and a final rinse with reverse osmosis or spot free rinse. Finally the car passes through the drier at the end of the wash. An anti collision system is fitted to stop the belt if a car is delayed leaving the wash. Operation of the system is simple, two drive motors move the conveyor belt and a touch screen operation system is in place which provides the operator with complete control. Should you wish to visit this exciting new concept in car washing, contact us to arrange a visit and to see the system first hand.

Automatic Truck, Bus & Train Wash System

A fully automatic brush wash for trucks and buses, a high pressure option is available which allows vehicles to be washed without brushes or a combination of both brushes and high pressure. These systems are designed to provide a high through put of vehicles with excellent cleaning results. The cost savings in terms of time and labour are significant allowing vehicles to be turned around in a short period of time. Vehicles with a height of up to 4.7M can be catered for. Water recycling can also be added to provide increased efficiency and reduced water usage.

 Truck Wash

ceccato - logo   Baltic is an automatic washing system designed especially for public and private transport as well as industrial and commercial vehicles: buses, lorries, tanker lorries, tractor trailers… Baltic has

  • proven reliability in a historical product: solid and functional, Baltic is Ceccato’s ideal solution for companies that must manage many vehicles quickly in a continuous cycle;
  • ease of use and maintenance combined with flexible configurations and programmes to meet all the care and cleaning needs for a variety of vehicles;
  • a sturdy, hot-galvanized structure and the tracks with roll-over and anti-derailment protective devices for total safety;
  • the innovation of procedures adapted from automobile systems, like overlapping, that allow cleaning in the most hard-to-reach points, or Robowash for high-pressure washing of the under body.

van wash1 Van Wash 2 van wash3

Bus Wash

Bus wash 2 bus wash1

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Wheel & Chassis Wash

A full range of Mobile and Fixed wheel and chassis wash systems are available Suitable for use in quarries, waste recycling sites or construction sites, whatever your requirements we can provide a solution. All systems are manufactured to the highest possible standards and can be fitted with optional water recycling systems should these be required. Our systems can be supplied in single phase or three phase electricity. Our systems ensure that vehicles are kept clean and the public roads adjacent are kept clean and compliant with the local authorities guidelines. As each site requirement is different we provide a system specific to your needs and also to your budget. We offer a free site survey and quotation service. If we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

wheel wash1 wheel wash2 wheel wash 3 wheel

Wheel Wash


PE Services is also the official Irish distributor for Garic UK.


Their wheel wash solutions will keep your vehicles free from mud, dirt and dust whilst protecting the environment and the highways from site debris.

Garic offer a number of wheel washing techniques, using ground-breaking technology and environmentally friendly systems that provide am unrivaled wheel-clean experience

From our Enviro Wheelwash system to Disease Control solutions our team of experts can deliver and set up a wheel washing service to meet your exact needs.




Enviro Power Wash This totally self-sufficient, fully powered unit is for the "heavy duty sites" with serious sticky clay and muck. It copes easiy with large numbers of truck, dumpers and other kit. Blasted by huge volume water jets washing the wheels/tyres, chassis and underside of vehicles without them stopping (with or without ramps). Dig dimensions 13' x 20' x 3'36" (4m x 6.1m x 1m).

Enviro Power Wash

Elevated Enviro Wash For quick set-up and removal on short-term contracts or sites that require the heavy duty was but "no dig" for use on car parks, roads and surfaced areas. Recyles and re-circulates 100% of water seperating the muck and debris in the lagoon area for easy removal and cleaning.

Drive Thru

Drive Thru:  No power required, an inexpensive but very efficient wash system suited to quarries and sites that are not as dirty. Can be placed directly on top of roads etc. Alternatively can be dug-in (dig dimensions 13' x 35' x 18" (4m x 10.7m x 0.4m) so that no ramps are required. Easy clean system allows quick and safe cleaning of the unit with very little downtime. Available with extra rumble road sections if required.



Recent Wheel Wash system installed at Limestone Quarries, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

This wash, like many of our washes, was custom built for Limestone Quarries.







Drip Tray

Drip Trays, Wash Bays and Drum Stores

The Garic drip tray is the only patented system that allows rainwater to pass through, but hold back oil/fuel or oil-based chemicals.

This idea behind our interceptor drip tray is simple yet effective, as it requires no special filters or chemicals. The tray's effectivness is based solely on the knowledge that oil floats on water.

On initial start up the main area of the drip tray requires two inches of water in the base so that any oil/fuel split in the tray will naturally Interceptorseparate from the water. The water is passed through the interceptor outlet hole. There is a sight gauge, which allows you to monitor the amount of oil present and then dispose of it at licensed disposal site

Twin Arch Truck and Tanker Wash

For vehicles which are not 'square' in shape, brushes are not effective when cleaning, as they can only touch part of the vehicle. A brushless truck wash system can be provided, which is fully automatic, combining a detergent arch with a high pressure rinsing arch. An Optional wheel & chassis wash system is available along with water recycling. This system is suitable for road tankers, cement mixers or unusual shaped vehicles, this system is used in quarries, waste recycling centres, creameries, distribution depots, etc. PE Services can design a bespoke machine to suit your specific requirements. This is a drive through truck wash system designed to wash vehicles which are a non standard shape, such a cement trucks, dumpers, road tankers. This is combined with a wheel and chassis wash to ensure a complete cleaning system. This is touchless and is suitable for fast frequent high traffic locations. The first arch is an oscillating high foaming detergent arch, where an active foam softens the dirt and grime, the second arch is an oscillating rinse arch, which combines a large volume of water at a medium pressure to clean the vehicle. This system has an integrated drainage system, containerised pump house. PE Services can design a wash system, manufacture and install a system for your specific requirements. This type of system is used in quarries, creameries, breweries, fleet depots, army etc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tanker wash2 tanker wash3 tanker wash4

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Train Wash

PE Services has experience installing and maintaining automatic systems for washing trams and trains. In conjunction with the manufacturer, a system can be designed which will best accommodate the trains being washed. This system will ensure maximum cleaning performance utilising brushes to follow the contour of the carriages. The system is fully automatic and can be integrated with existing management systems. Water recycling is also available. PE Services can provide a comprehensive maintenance service to include preventative maintenance and a call out service to address breakdowns. The Luas Tram System in Dublin have two specialist brush wash systems keeping their fleet of trams in excellent condition. We will assist in the complete process from design and planning to installation and after sales service. Dedicated to trains, and to all railroad vehicles, with LTF Ceccato completes his product range for cleaning and caring means of transport. LTF main features:

  • self-supporting and modular frame, to fit on the different trains feature, the performance to be obtained and to the available space for the equipment installation;
  • specifics washing and drying treatments;
  • systems able to wash inclined veichle's front and more complex shapes, able to performe high pressuretreatments combined, when needed, with the brushes action;
  • velocity, effectiveness and eficience in the whole train cleaning: also the most difficult parts, under chassis and all the critics areas are accurately washed.

LTF is a bespoke systems, especially designed and tailormade to meet the true service needs of your customers. Installations located at The Red Cow and Sandyford, Dublin.

train wash1 train wash2

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Forecourt Equipment

fourcourt2 forecourt4 forecourt3 forecourt1

PE Services can provide forecourt equipment to suit your particular site requirements. Our partner company Kaster MTM, provide a wide range of equipment to suit your needs and budget.

  • Car Vac Systems
  • Air and Water Units
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Valet units

We also manufacture our own high quality forecourt systems. These units are housed in heavy duty stainless steel cabinets, using high quality equipment. Our systems are Codax compatible and can be supplied with token mechanisms or coin mechanisms

fourcourt5 fourecourt6 fourecourt7 fourtcourt6.



PE Services provides a wide range of highly effective detergents for use in cleaning cars and trucks. We provide high foam (Hi-Foam) detergents which when used in conjunction with our foaming equipment provides a thick cleaning hot or cold foam which provides excellent cleaning quality. Our range of truck wash detergents ensure that whether used in touchless wash systems or with brushes that the highest quality clean is achieved. We also offer an environmentally friendly detergent which is biodegradble, yet still offers outstanding cleaning results with a super shine.   Our Top Wax 60, is a leader in the carwash market and leaves vehicles looking at their best after being applied. This product also assist with the drying process in automated car wash systems. Contact us with your needs, we offer competitive prices and nationwide delivery.

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Spare Parts

spareparts1 spareparts2 spareparts3 spareparts4

PE Services supply high pressure wash spares. We provide nationwide next day delivery on most spares depending on availability.

  • Lances
  • Gun handles
  • Nozzles
  • Brushes
  • CAT Pumps
  • Valve kits
  • Seal kits
  • High pressure pumps
  • TEHA boilers
  • Solenoid valves
  • High pressure hoses
  • High pressure fittings
  • Detergents
  • Waxes
  • Valeting supplies

For any enquiries please contact us on 00 353 (0)49 4379144.

spareparts5 spareparts6 spareparts7 spareparts8

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Specialist Wash Systems   

Our team of engineers can provide a solution for your particular wash requirements, whether it is a vehicle wash system or a factory wash down system, we will assist with the design, manufacture and installation supported by a team of technicians who provide a comprehensive after sales service. We utilise high quality heavy duty equipment and can also provide equipment for use in ATEX rated areas. We have provided bespoke equipment to the Irish Defence forces to clean armoured vehicles along with the complete military fleet. Should you have a specific wash system requirement please do not hesitate to contact us PE Services are specialists in designing and manufacturing wash systems for any industrial or agricultural application. We provide the following equipment, we will endeavour to provide a solution for your wash system requirements.

  • Agricultural Washers - PTO Washers, Diesel Powered Washers, Petrol Washers, Mobile Washers Hot & Cold
  • Centralised Cleaning Systems for factories and Industry. Ring Main Systems for use in creameries or food production facilities.
  • Sprinkler Systems - irrigation purposes
  • Dust Suppression in quarries or in industry where dust is an issue
  • Odour Control Systems to control odours emanating from waste recycling facilities or rendering facilities
  • Conveyor Hand Wash Systems

We would be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

spareparts9b spareparts9a spareparts9

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  • Vehicle Cleaning
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Government & Military
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Misting/Cooling/Fogging
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Many More

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