Biomass is an industry term for getting energy by burning organic material that comes from plants and animals. Plants or plant-based materials that are not used for food or feed, and are specifically called lignocellulosic biomass.

Biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy, it can either be used directly via combustion to produce heat, or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel.

Materials used to make up biomass include:

  • Animal manure

  • Agricultural crops and waste materials

  • Food and wood waste

  • Forest residues, willow and wood processing wastes

PE Services has experience providing biomass systems to the agricultural sector which can handle wood pellet and wood chip.

Poultry waste (litter)

A Biomass Boiler has been developed for the combustion of chicken litter and other biomass materials to levels directed by the EU regulatory authorities.

Hot water is made and is distributed to the poultry unit providing a controllable, sustainable and highly efficient means of providing heat.

A complete technical solution has been provided, from material handling, material screening and delivery, combustion, heat distribution, ash removal and system monitoring.