PE Services provides a superior range of equipment with the benefit of over 25 years experience within the poultry industry.

Our unique advantage is our complete package supported by an extremely high level of customer service.

Whether you are starting from a green field site, extending or converting, our team can assist with every aspect from planning to the specification best suited to your specific needs.


We can cater for the requirements of all areas of the poultry industry, right through from the small holder to the large scale commercial operator. We provide equipment to the broiler and the free range layer farmer and have installations nationwide. Over 20 years experience in the poultry industry has given a unique advantage in providing superior quality products with an extremely high level of service.

We offer a comprehensive same day / next day delivery service for parts, chemicals or other supplies.


There are two main types of automated drinker systems used in poultry – nipple drinkers and bell drinkers. We are able to supply both systems, which are usually kept in stock so are available for fast delivery.

Nipple drinking systems are normally suspended from the ceiling of your poultry building using a winch systems. This enables the drinking height of the whole system to be altered very easily. The integrated galvanized perch rail is the strongest of its type and ensures a long life for the system. We are able to offer completely installed systems, fitted by our expert fitting teams.

Please contact us to discuss the best layout for your proposed systems. We can advise you on the quantity you require and the best layout


We specialise in providing flat chain feed systems. We can supply these directly to you for you install yourself and we can offer an installation service. All our components are made from the highest quality materials, with most parts being either galvanised or plated to provide extra protection from corrosion.

The Flatline chain feeder allows a greater flexibility of the feeding system, all the components are easy to install and can be located wherever is most convenient. Accessories can be added at any time so that the system can develop and grow as the need arises. The extremely versatile concept of independent hopper and independent drive unit gives maximum choice when planning the feeding system. The drive units can be attached to the hopper in situations where traditional lay-outs are desirable.

We stock a complete range of chain feeder parts and accessories, including powered drive units, corners, feed cleaners, flat chain and just about every part you may need.
To form a complete package we can also supply a range of feed bins and flexible augers.



We are agents for Munters – Turbovent Agro and Microfan, we supply simple and user friendly ventilation systems. These companies have been heavily involved in continual product research and development and as a result are some of Europe’s leading providers of ventilation and control systems today.

We provide effective ventilation systems, which are simple and effective. Often ventilation systems, particularly in the free-range sector, can be unnecessarily technical and complicated.

Our systems are cost effective and have been proven successful in ensuring high quality air and suitable temperatures for bird welfare.

Whether you require natural ventilation or powered ventilation we can assist with the calculations and provision of all the equipment you will need. We also have a highly experienced team of electricians to install all the equipment for you.


Ziehl-Abegg (Kuenzelsau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany) is one of the leading international companies in the ventilation and drive technology sector with matching control technology.

We have used the 800 series supplied by Ziehl-Abegg for many years now. We have found that the reliability and performance of this fan is superior to any other fan currently on the market. PE Services manufacture their own chimney shaft specifically to suit the 800 series fan.

We have designed the extraction system around using larger fans and therefore reducing the number of fans required. The 800 series fan capacity is twice the 630 fan capacity with an approximate energy saving of 60% based on cubic meters per hour of air movement


PE Services are the Irish agents for Agrologic. Agrologic continues to be a world leader in the development and production of climate, feeding and weighing systems for modern poultry and pig raising. The Agrologic control units regulate and control all the vital functions in your production. We collaborate closely with our customers and as a result are constantly developing new solutions and improvements so we are always one step ahead.

By adapting controllers according to our customers needs we are able to provide a reliable, cost effective system for all your needs. By improving our systems we are able to help the grower increase their profitability. User friendly controllers are an important factor and all our controllers are designed with this in mind.

We are able to provide innovative control systems to measure and control numerous parameters which are important for the grower, carbon dioxide, ammonia, humidity, temperature, water consumption, feed consumed. Please contact us to discuss what you require and we can tailor a solution for your needs.


Misting Systems

Misting systems have a number of beneficial uses within the poultry unit.

  • Rapid temperature control during periods of intense heat
  • As a means to administer medication such as pro-biotic materials
  • Also as a means to administering disinfectant when cleaning out the poultry unit

The system consists of high grade stainless steel piping with heavy duty misting nozzles which are fixed to the internal roof or walls of the poultry unit. A high quality misting pump, CAT Pump or similar is mounted on a frame with an integral filter system and dosing pump. A timer can be added to automate misting if required.

The system is designed in order that the mist is very fine and does not wet the litter.


High Performance Indoor Climate Control: 10000 BTU Per Hour Wall Mounted Air Conditioner provides air conditioning and heating with no external unit or refrigerant pipework required.



PE Services are agents for HATO Agricultural Lighting HATO Agricultural Lighting has more than 40 years’ experience in providing lighting solutions for the agricultural sector for the agricultural sector. Their leading position has been built on knowledge and expertise about how light affects animal behaviour and well-being.

Every poultry application has its own needs: HATO offers application specific lighting solutions:

  • Layers: Optimizing the light climate improves the performance of layers. Light encourages the layer and regulates its biological clock and biorhythm. It stimulates the feed intake and the layer’s behaviour and contributes to the layer’s welfare.
  • Broilers: Light is one of the most important external stimuli for broilers.

Light influences the uniformity of birds in the poultry house. The optimal distribution of the birds contributes to a good layer of litter and reduces health and welfare problems. Light stimulates activity as well as stimulating feed intake and conversion, and mortality. The range of vision and the ability to exhibit natural behaviour are, to a certain extent, dependent on light spectrum and intensity.

Breeders: Light is an important factor in breeder management, for both layer breeders and broiler breeders. An optimal light climate is essential for maintaining a high level of animal welfare, health and production. Light controls the day and night rhythms, egg production and the behaviour of breeders. An optimal light climate is needed to help the breeders get the very best out of their environment. Broilers and layers both produce a different end-product, and they require a specific light climate.

Rearing: During rearing, good management and housing lead to good growth and sexual development. Lighting is an important tool for managing this process and crucial to create the very best conditions in the house.

One of HATO’s products is the CORAX:


Through extensive research and consultation with the gas and poultry authorities the new Sierra range continues its reputation as the leading manufacturer of high efficiency brooders. Developed through the application of advanced technology the units meet the requirements of both large and small scale growers throughout the world heat When Required – Sensitive controls provide accurate monitoring and maintenance of the heat balance ensuring flocks meet their full growth potential.Heat Where Required – The unique conical emitter and shallow reflector have been designed to maximize the brooding zone and heat the background area efficiently whilst maintaining the highest fuel efficiency

Years of Low Maintenance – The robust construction designed with maximum tolerance to poultry house atmospheres combined with stringent quality standards ensure the equipment delivers years of reliable service


Our poultry expertise also includes equipment for duck and turkey production.We have specialised duck slats which best suit the particular characteristics of ducks, feeding systems and drinkers, coupled with ventilation and heating equipment.Our range also provides for turkey production with feeders, drinkers and associated equipment to suit.Our experience allows us to provide equipment for new builds or conversions. We will assist with the design, supply, installation and the after sales service required to run a profitable enterprise.