Hand Wash Conveyor is a new concept in car washing. It combines some elements of the automatic wash with the care of a hand wash, to provide an efficient, fast and profitable car wash centre.

This system allows for a high through put of cars with a minimal number of staff. An average unit will wash 60 cars per hour. Longer units will increase throughput further. This allows for significant opportunity to grow your wash business.

We can tailor and customise each system to your specific site requirements. Whether it is a new build or a retro-fit we have a system suitable for your needs.

As the system comprises of a flat belt, it is safe for operators, it does not damage expensive alloy wheels and it is easy and welcoming to enter and exit.

This system provides customers with an innovative wash experience, it is remarkably quiet and smooth and customers appreciate the quality and the efficiency of the wash and return regularly. We will help design, install and provide a comprehensive back up service.