Egg Production

PE Services offers a comprehensive range of equipment for laying hens.

Organic Egg production, Free Range egg production and commercial egg production, there is a system suitable for your production requirements.


Enriched cages, muti-tier aviary systems, flat floor systems, PE Services has the equipment

Our range includes nest boxes, slats, feeders and drinkers right down to egg packers and egg stampers, even air-conditioning units for your egg store and pallet trucks! We are your one stop shop for egg production.

  • Commercial Layers
  • Free Range Layers
  • Single Tier Nest Boxes
  • Multi Tier Nest Boxes


Designed under the strictest quality criteria with one sole objective: to provide the birds with the best environment to obtain the best production results. The ZUCAMI vertical battery is designed so that its materials are very much like Meccano, requiring no screws, hooks or staples to be assembled.Mesh floor, hot galvanised then welded or cold galvanised and laminated. More dense mesh is used in the area where the birds gather ensuring greater comfort and safety, avoiding leg and claw injuries.Flexible, uniform and solid surface for quick exit of the cleaner eggs free of breakages. Galvanised tubular legs inside each panel giving solidity to the overall battery.Dividers in green, giving greater tranquility and less stress in the bird compartment with openings to contribute to maximum interior ventilation.Easy access, door fitted with simple and safe lock (unique in the market). When opened, leaves the whole front area free, facilitating the handling of the birds without harming or hurting them.


AVINEST is a comprehensive range of fully automated nests. Specification levels are very high for all the nests in the AVINEST range, including:

  • Variable speed controls for all egg collection belts
  • Separate motors and controls for each belt allowing individual use
  • Perforated Astroturf nest pads to allow all the dust and muck to fall away – to ensure cleaner eggs
  • Nest floors which raise up at night to close the nests, keeping the hens out of the nest in order to keep the nest pads cleaner
  • Individual lifting mechanism for each nest floor set, to maximise reliability.
  • Interior lights in every nest and on each level, with a time clock and dimmer control, to help attract the hens into the nest.
  • The entire nest is a very substantial construction and made to last.
  • The design makes all our nests very easy to clean and keep possible insect hiding places to a minimum.

AVINEST is a strong and simple nesting systems which is designed for longer life with years of trouble free use.

The standard single tier system boasts a variable speed egg belt operated by a foot switch for complete control of egg collection.

To minimise potential damage to eggs, there is an infra-red light switch which will stop the belt automatically when the eggs reach the end of the belt.

Bird exclusion is achieved using automatic lifting nest floors, controlled by time clock with a manual override facility. An extremely strong steel rack and pinion system is used to ensure complete reliability.

Automatic lighting within the nests with dimmer control is standard on all nests.

The nest floor material, normally perforated AstroTurf, is removable to permit easy end of flock cleaning. The AstroTurf is placed on a wire mesh floor, which means that all the muck and dust can fall through, resulting in cleaner eggs.

The egg collection system used on our two-tier nest is simple, effective and unique. Curved mini conveyors bring the eggs to one level providing a seamless and smooth transfer. A variety of customised collection systems are available for both our own and other nest makes.

A choice of front or rear rollaway nests are available, with both of these also available in two-tier format. A number of specialised nests are available for unusual poultry house sizes, with the high capacity single tier, and the half two-tier wall stack formats being very popular.

The AVINEST range comprises of fairly well every nest configuration you might want.

  • Single tier, front roll-away (egg belts to the outside of the nest)
  • Single tier, rear roll-away ( egg belts in the centre of the nest)
  • Two tier, front roll-away
  • Two tier, rear roll-away.

Laying Nest –  Van Gent CE

The Van Gent CE nest series are equipped with an automatic expulsion system, which ensures that the hens are removed periodically from the nest. This prevents fouled nest and broody hens. The nests are free of draft because of the use of an air tunnel. The nests are made of high quality materials. Different depths and formations are possible. Depending on your house and needs: the laying nests are available in ½ row (wall-formation), 1 and 2 tiers. When necessary the nests are also deliverable with available living area. Optional delivered with plastic side walls: Easy and fast installation in combination with a unique shift and slide system. One depth available.


The Farmer Automatic Combi is a highly flexible aviary housing system for layers. With its numerous combinations, the system can be used as an open or closed version to suit individual needs and can be adapted to changing market requirements. The system’s intelligent design features promote maximum egg quality. Combi is also available in the Combi Plus version with the same properties and benefits. The two versions differ in terms of width in order to accommodate different building dimensions.

Advantages and Benefits

Optimal Care of your Livestock

  • Each tier of the system is equipped with feed troughs, drinking lines, and nests. This ensures short routes and convenient access to all supply units. The feed chain is made of wear-free and durable steel to guarantee a fast and uniform feed mix and distribution.

Excellent Egg Quality and Maximum Yield

  • Intelligent features that prevent cracks, breakage, or soiling of the eggs boost both egg quality and the percentage of marketable eggs.
  • Short routes and easy access to the nests minimize the number of system- and floor-laid eggs. Egg soiling is prevented by the nest expeller* that locks the nest at night to prevent soiling of the nest and nest mat.
  • Good nest acceptance is a prerequisite for excellent egg quality. The slight slope of the floor grating offers two advantages.
  • All system-laid eggs roll directly onto the egg belt, removing the need for time-consuming manual collection. The Farmer Automatic patented EGGSAVER ensures that the eggs roll slowly and gently onto the belt.
  • The second benefit is that the immediate transfer of eggs to the belt protects them from pecking, which noticeably increases the percentage of marketable eggs.

Well-being and High Standard of Hygiene

  • The Combi aviary housing system promotes the wellbeing of the livestock and contributes to a high standard of hygiene. For example, the egg belt has a top cover* with a smooth surface that prevents dust and dirt from sticking to it.
  • In addition, floor grates are available with a virtually self-cleaning PA/polyamide protective coating* that reduces the accumulation of waste on the floor and ensures a bright, pleasant environment.

Low Operating Costs

  • Simple management procedures save time and help to minimize labor costs. The system’s compact design with its very low overall height makes work easier. Identical equipment on all tiers ensures excellent visibility and easy monitoring of the livestock and the system. Additionally, the slight slope of the floor grating saves egg collecting time, since system-laid eggs automatically roll onto the egg belt, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual egg collection.
  • The low profile enables the installation of a second floor on top of the system, which means you can double the livestock population, while complying with applicable local regulations. This also keeps staff overhead and capital outlay low.

Low Maintenance

  • The components of the Farmer Automatic Combi aviary housing system are designed for a long service life and low maintenance requirements. Critical functional components of the system are hot-dip galvanized, a process that provides excellent protection against corrosion and extends the service life of the entire system. Farmer Automatic’s unique roller-guided manure belt system is designed for reduced roll resistance, which requires less energy to operate and reduces wear on the belts and drive components, particularly in longer installations.


PE are agents for Nuovo and can supply stampers based on the volume of eggs being packed. The units are adaptable to most egg packer systems. Nuovo egg printing systems manufactures printing systems for the marking and coding  of eggs. This is done by ink jet egg printing or egg stamping. Nuovo egg printing systems delivers stand alone egg printers and egg stampers but also delivers egg printers and egg stampers  for installation on farmpackers or grader.

High capacity egg printing systemCapacity: 24’000 Eggs per hourAutomatic stand alone printing system using 5 print headsPrints 1 or 2 lines

  • Solid stainless steel construction results into a long lifetime
  • Selector switch: 1-8 to print text, position C to clean nozzles
  • Selectable amount of ink (50% or 100%)
  • Tested and approved ink, suitable for eggs
  • Perfect print quality because each print head adjusts itself to each individual egg height
  • Different texts, letter types and logos and different automatic date functions
  • Size of the printfield: height: 4.2mm, length: 25mm
  • Main supply: 90-250VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Option: Software and communicationcable for programming with PC/Laptop
  • Optional: Buffer roller belt 3 or 6 trays, Mobile frame(stainless steel)


  • Manual egg stamp
  • Fixed imprint
  • Imprint size 15 mm by 15 mm
  • Stamping pads exchangeable
  • Ink reservoir refillable

 Packers/ Egg Collection

PE Services supply a complete range of machines and equipment for egg handling and grading. Our machines have been designed to provide production facilities with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.

We are agents for Staalkaat and Simetek and can scale up or down to match your requirements


Farm bio-security is a set of measures designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of pests and diseases. Farm bio-security is your responsibility, and that of every person visiting or working on your property. If bio-security measures are not followed, we spend more time and more money in trying to solve the disease when it does appear.

Disease prevention is an essential strategy for poultry producers. It is much more beneficial to the birds and to the commercial poultry producer to prevent disease from occurring rather than to rely on treatment. The agents which sound bio-security practices attempt to prevent include “bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, parasites, and any other agents capable of introducing an infectious disease into a poultry flock”.

PE Services offer disinfectants for General Purpose i.e. foot dips and sanitizers as well as Opticides for inside the Poultry House.

We also have available Bio-security Mats which were designed during the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak and are used extensively in outbreaks of Swine Flu and Bird Flu

Chlorination Systems and Chlorine

Numerous scientific studies strongly support the use of chlorinated water in the context of a valid food safety system as the most effective means to reduce and control the level of contamination of poultry meat and poultry meat products.

Water is a vital nutrient, it is essential to the poultry to soften feed in the crop, it aids digestion, it is a building block for blood and lymph (immune system) and also for evaporating cooling when heat stressed. Although water is essential for the growth and performance of our flocks the quality of it can be over looked and the effect on performance greatly under estimated. The majority of water except distilled will contain impurities due to the nature of the water cycle. Consequently any factor that might alter water quality (bacterial content, PH, nitrogen levels, hardness, mineral level) could directly impact water consumption or the bird’s ability to utilize the consumed water.

PE Services offer Chlorination Units to suit flock/house size and Chlorine products. For a free consultation call the office on 353 49 4379144