Feeding Systems

Feeding Systems

We specialise in providing flat chain feed systems. We can supply these directly to you for you install yourself and we can offer an installation service. All our components are made from the highest quality materials, with most parts being either galvanised or plated to provide extra protection from corrosion.

The Flatline chain feeder allows a greater flexibility of the feeding system, all the components are easy to install and can be located wherever is most convenient. Accessories can be added at any time so that the system can develop and grow as the need arises. The extremely versatile concept of independent hopper and independent drive unit gives maximum choice when planning the feeding system. The drive units can be attached to the hopper in situations where traditional lay-outs are desirable.

We stock a complete range of chain feeder parts and accessories, including powered drive units, corners, feed cleaners, flat chain and just about every part you may need.
To form a complete package we can also supply a range of feed bins and flexible augers.