Heating & Cooling Equipment

Heating Systems

Through extensive research and consultation with the gas and poultry authorities the new Sierra range continues its reputation as the leading manufacturer of high efficiency brooders.

Developed through the application of advanced technology the units meet the requirements of both large and small scale growers throughout the world heat When Required – Sensitive controls provide accurate monitoring and maintenance of the heat balance ensuring flocks meet their full growth potential.Heat Where Required – The unique conical emitter and shallow reflector have been designed to maximize the brooding zone and heat the background area efficiently whilst maintaining the highest fuel efficiency

Years of Low Maintenance – The robust construction designed with maximum tolerance to poultry house atmospheres combined with stringent quality standards ensure the equipment delivers years of reliable service.

Cooling Equipment

High Performance Indoor Climate Control: 10000 BTU Per Hour Wall Mounted Air Conditioner provides air conditioning and heating with no external unit or refrigerant pipework required.