PE Services offers a wider range of  different forms of intake such as pig feed intake for small or large plants. There are two two main types of intake. Intake for easy flowing materials where the material is filled into a funnel shaped bin from which the meal is extracted by a central auger or elevator. Intake for not easy flowing raw materials can be only be handled by a horizontal extraction conveyor  in the bottom.




The raw material intake hopper is often built into the floor with a grate for removal of impurities. The raw materials are filled into the raw material intake from bulk or bags and transported to the feed milling plant. A cleaner is often placed just after the intake. The cleaner separates grain and impurities by means of a screen. Dust and other micro particles are removed by means of a built-in dust aspiration system. Once cleaned, the raw materials are transported to storage or proportioning silos. The capacity is typically 5-200 tons/hour.


PE Services are one of the leading supplier of cleaning systems for grain and other raw materials. For major feed milling industries, we supply the SKIOLD Damas complete range of cleaners.

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