Pig House Lighting

The Hato Extreme solution is a brand new product specifically designed for the pig industry. This industry requires specific features and characteristics of lighting products. Due to the high level of ammoniac present in the building, lighting is for most farmers a difficult theme. Where in standard lighting the plastics and electronics are affected by ammonia and moist, the Hato Extreme will survive without problem.

The electronic control is well protected from harsh environment and designed for long life without any needed service! With the Hato Extreme we guarantee the perfect solution thanks to the following features:

  • Ammonia resistent, dust and watertight

  • Hermetically sealed, high protection rating ip67

  • High-pressure cleaning is no problem

  • Real glass tubelight

  • Energy saving electronic ballast 230-240v/50-60hz

  • High frequency technique ensures flickerfree illumination

  • Long life time 90.000 hours life time (b50 11/1)

  • For horizontal or vertical use

  • Low electricity consumption

  • 5 years guarantee

  • Various light colours available 830 (warm white), 840 (cool white), 865 (day light)

Compared to LED: Lifetime is longer, it is more energy efficient and investment is much lower!