Specialist Vehicle Wash Systems

Specialist Vehicle Wash Systems

All vehicles both off-road or on require cleaning whether it’s for customer appeal, health, maintaining their appearance or simply good maintenance, we have the solution for virtually every need. What may appear to be a quick/cheap/easy fix may not meet your particular needs, please therefore speak to us at the earliest opportunity as choosing the right solution early may save you significant time and money in the long-term.


We are Irish agents for Ceccato, all machines provide a strong reliability, speed, efficiency and performance combined with smoothness which allow for consistently excellent wash results.

The machines have a high level of wash technology including under body washing, high pressure wash functionality and innovative fleet tracking and wash diagnostic systems.

Contact us to discuss the machine which best suits your needs. Whether you require a machine which washes 4 trucks per hour or 20 truck per hour, there is a machine with the performance to match your requirements.

– Baltic – Gantry Brush Wash

– High Pressure wash for road tanker cleaning

– LFO – drive through system

Fleet Wash Systems

We provide effective equipment solutions to suit washing large numbers of trucks or buses which require frequent cleaning.

These systems are suitable for bus and coach operators and large truck companies.

Our systems are fast, efficient and reliable and provide excellent wash quality.

We will help design, install and provide a comprehensive back up service.

Vehicle identification technology is also available to monitor and record vehicles using the wash system.


For vehicles which are not ‘square’ in shape, brushes are not effective when cleaning, as they can only touch part of the vehicle; this is where a drive through truck wash system comes into its element.

A brushless truck wash system can be provided, which is fully automatic, combining a detergent arch with a high pressure rinsing arch.

Optional wheel & chassis wash systems are available along with water recycling.

Systems are suitable for road tankers, cement mixers or unusual shaped vehicles, this type of system is used in quarries, waste recycling centres, creameries, distribution depots, distilleries and breweries. The system will also accommodate the washing and cleaning of military vehicles such as army tanks.

We can design a bespoke machine to suit your specific requirements

The system has an integrated drainage system, containerised pump house.


We have extensive experience installing and maintaining automatic systems for washing trams and trains. In conjunction with the manufacturer, a system can be designed which will best accommodate the rollingstock being washed. This system will ensure maximum cleaning performance utilising brushes to follow the contour of each unit. The systems are fully automatic and can be integrated with existing management systems. Water recycling is also available.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance service to include preventative maintenance and a call out break down service.

We will assist in the complete process from design and planning to installation and after sales service.


We can provide the technology required to identify each vehicle as it passes through the wash. This is a secure system, provides valuable data and can be incorporated into your business MIS.

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