Our wheel wash solutions will keep your vehicles free from mud, dirt and dust whilst protecting the environment and the highways from site debris.

PE Services offer a number of wheel washing techniques, using up to date wash technology and environmentally friendly systems that provide an unrivalled wheel and chassis washes.

We can provide mobile or permanent solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Power Wash This totally self-sufficient, fully powered unit is for the “heavy duty sites” with serious sticky clay and muck. It copes easiy with large numbers of truck, dumpers and other kit. Blasted by huge volume water jets washing the wheels/tyres, chassis and underside of vehicles without them stopping (with or without ramps).

Drive Thru:  No power required, an inexpensive but very efficient wheel bath wash system suited to quarries and sites that are not as dirty. Can be placed directly on top of roads etc. Alternatively can be dug-in so that no ramps are required. Easy clean system allows quick and safe cleaning of the unit with very little downtime. Available with extra rumble road sections if required.

Permanent wheel & chassis wash systems are designed specifically for the requirements of each location and the type of activity being conducted. These systems are custom built to maximise cleaning and efficient use of power and water. Recycling systems and filtration systems are also available.