PE Services provides simple components to complete solutions for dairy and cattle farmers.  Through our partners SKIOLD, we provide our customers with innovative Dairy, Grain and Cattle equipment from the field to the farm yard.

PE Services Batch Feeding system is a simple economical means of feeding cows in a milking parlour. No extra feed is given from the beginning to the end of the process. The sample principals apply to feeding cattle in general including goats. The main advantages of the feeding cows in a milking parlour are

  • Simple Set up
  • Suits all milking parlours
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Wiring can be provided by RECI certified electrical engineers where needed.
  • Low system cost with a short payback period.
  • Accurate batch feeding.

In the field PE Services provide equipment for seed processing and on the farm grain handling, cleaning and feed milling. The complete range of Skiold milling and grinding unit suit all sizes of farm enterprises.  PE Services provide equipment for all types of cattle from young calves to dairy cows and beef cattle. PE Services Ventilation and climate control as illustrated below is all part of our product offering. PE Services focus on the conditions in which cattle are housed as well as the carers who work with animals, with the aim of providing customised solutions, while ensuring a high level of biosecurity and animal welfare.

Skiold began producing feed  milling equipment in the 1930's and it is not by chance that Skiold produce probably the best milling equipment in the world. Skiold products are tried and tested, and with ongoing R&D and technical backup, make Skiold the equipment of choice for farmers and commercial feed manufacturers. The mills vary in size depending on the needs of the customer. PE Services have stock of Datamix spare parts and Skiold Milling spare parts. At PE Services our design solutions are key to optimise the conditions of the pigs while maintaining superior animal welfare and a high level of biosecurity and excellent working conditions, thus ensuring an environment where the animals and workers are happy and exceed their performance targets.

PE Services can provide a comprehensive feed system for cattle from the provision of a meal silo/feed bin to piping the feed using augers and a dispenser in the cattle shed/dairy parlour. PE Services specialise in flexi augers for milking robots throughout Ireland and the UK. PE Services have supplied many customised auger and hopper systems to meet the farmers feeding requirements.





Grain Conveying


Suitable for transportation of grain, pellets, crushed grain, minerals and meal. Available in two dimensions Ø75 and Ø90 mm, the flight is made of flat spring steel with ultimate stress, ensuring stable operation.

The drive sections are always supplied with gear motor, suitable in feeding systems, a wide program of accessories for both types of our flexible augers


Dairy Milking Waikato

When you invest in a Waikato Milking Systems Rotary or Inline Milking Parlour, you're investing in a superbly designed, robust, reliable and easy to use system. It reduce your labour costs and increase your productivity with our range of state-of-the-art automated technologies. It maximise your herd performance and farm efficiency with our advanced software and feeding systems technology. Them it maintain the highest animal health levels with our revolutionary range of software, automated health monitoring, spraying, sort gate and feed systems. Also it improve the fertility and well-being of your cows with our hi-tech software and automated sort gate technology and maintain optimum animal health and maximise your milking productivity with our revolutionary range of products and software. Finaly it insure the highest milk quality standards with our range of automated teat spraying and wash systems, and efficient milk cooling technologies.



Grain Intake

The raw material intake hopper is often built into the floor with a grate for removal of impurities. The raw materials are filled into the raw material intake from bulk or bags and transported to the feed milling plant. A cleaner is often placed just after the intake. The cleaner separates grain and impurities by means of a screen. Dust and other microparticles are removed by means of a built-in dust aspiration system. Once cleaned, the raw materials are transported to storage or proportioning silos. The capacity is typically 5-200 tons/hour.


Rudax Light

The RUDAX is the way to go to realise an optimal light climate in a cattle house. It improves both cattle and farmer well-being in multiple ways. Amongst others, this results in higher milk production and improved farm results. It's made for cattle, it improved performances and it's guaranted for 8 years.




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PE Services carry an extensive supply of spare parts and consumables for all our clients and previously installed poultry, pig and dairy farming systems. Browse our wide-ranging stock of items for general use within the industrial and agriculture sectors.

PE Services provide cattle equipment from components to complete solutions.

PE Services deliver full-line cattle farm solutions designed for optimized work flow throughout the farm, complete overview, superior animal welfare, high level of biosecurity and excellent working conditions.

No matter which requirements you may have, PE Services has a matching solution. We have experience in designing solutions in general and suited to the site and our customer's requirements. We aim to meet animal health and growth requirements at each stage.

Customized solutions are always based on a thorough analysis of the needs of our customers. We create partnerships with our customers and our suppliers, such as SKIOLD, to deliver the solution required.

For PE Services no customer is too small – everybody is shown the same thorough attention and service finding the optimal service, equipment or complete solution in order to meet the customers’ requirements and establish long term relationships. Together with the customer, we find an optimal solution that meets current and future needs.


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