Fixed Step access / Folding Stairs 

PE Services offer a wide range of Step Units (Folding Stairs) and Gantrys to suit any application where people must gain access at different heights. Typical applications include loading, unloading and inspecting tankers, servicing units at height and providing access to silos. 


Specifications And Safety Features

  • All Step Units and Folding Stairs are supplied with handrails that run from the top fixed step to the end moving step
  • Cages are available from 1.4m to 3.0m wide depending on customer requirement.
  • Folding Stairs Available with 2 to 6 Steps depending on tanker and Gantry height.
  • Step Units range from 0.8m wide to 3m wide depending on application and cage size.
  • Step Units are Mild Steel Galvanized
  • Cages are Mild Stell Galvanised or Stainless Steel.




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