Safe Access Solutions

PE Services are the Irish Leader in providing safe access solutions to the Industrial sector. With Over 30 years in this industry we have provided safe access and fall prevention solutions to Ireland largest Manufacturing companies.

 Per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, companies manufacturing in Ireland must ensure the safety, health and welfare of his/her employees. It is vital that operatives working at height are provided with safe means to do so.

Whether you are installing a new loading/unloading facility or have a safety concern with an existing facility our experienced staff will visit your site to help and advise on the best solution to your safe access problem.

PE Services offer complete Design, Installation, Commissioning and Preventative/Corrective Maintenance  for all types of Safe Access Solutions.


Check out our Product range below!!


Mobile Access Platform

Our lightweigth Mobile Access Platforms are designed to cater for tanker loading areas where floor space is considered to be a premium





Elevating Access Cage

The elevating access cage is design for access to the full length of a tanker. The cage is lowered onto the top of the truck and access is then gained to the cage via a Step unit. This solution is typically used where tankers are split or where venting is required from an alterative hatch.

Fixed Step Access 

PE Services offer a wide range of Step Units (Folding Stairs) and Gantrys to suit any application where people must gain access at different heights. Typical applications include loading, unloading and inspecting tankers, servicing units at height and providing access to silos. 

Monorail Step Unit

The Monorail Step Unit solution is designed for use where access is required to multiple locations along a tanker. The simple design allows the Step Unit to be taken to various gates along the gantry.


Large Elevating Safety Cage

The Large Elevating Safety cage is designed to access any area where an operator works at height. These cages are designed bespoke to each customers needs. The Safety cage has a full floor and hatches where access is required below.



Mezzanines, Safety Barriers and Gantries

PE Services Design, supply and install a wide range of mezzanines and gantries to provide access to locations where operatives are required to work at height

Multi Access Step Unit Platform

The Multi–Access Step unit platform is designed where loading of multiple tanks is required on a greenfield site. This Solution comprises of 2 or 4 step units directly opposite each other. This is a cost-effective solution for accessing multiple tankers at once.

Safe Nets

Our durable, easy-to-use safety polypropylene netting solutions are ideal to protect mechanics that service buses, trains, or mass transit systems. Safe-Nets provide an effective fall-prevention system for vehicle maintenance areas and open -pit service bays.


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