PE Services Poultry - Breeders

PE Services provide a complete solution for breeder houses with a focus on animal welfare, quality, functionality and ease of cleaning. Feeding Breeders is simultaneous and rapid which is what is required. Male feeding consists of a High speed chain feeder which ensures all the birds get food at the same time. The Skiold Landmeco female trough height adjustment feeding system ensures all the birds are fed at the same time.

Impex is our preferred partner for drinking systems. Drinking nipples ensure your chickens can easily drink sufficient, clean, and fresh drinking water. Without spilling the water, so you won't have to deal with wet litter. The I-Classic drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 180⁰ movable pin. A chicken drinks from this type of drinking nipple by pushing the pin of the nipple upwards with its beak. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (50 to 80 ml/min, at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Classic is popular  in breeder houses.

LED Lighting is an essential part of the equipment in a poultry house. PE Services have a long association with Hato Lighting whose aim is to replicate natural outdoor lighting indoors. Birds percieve lighting in different ways to humans and Hato have built this into the technology with their lighting solutions. The benefits of Hato lights are reduced energy costs, lighting that can lower stress levels and can dim smoothly from 100% to 0% giving you complete control.

The nests for the hens are a unique construction which gives the hen 25% more room  and are in use all over Europe. The aim is minimise the shock impact on the hen when the egg leaves the hen until it gets to the packing station. Collecting perfect hatching eggs is what counts when managing a breeder farm. An optimal house layout with attractive nests increases the birds’ nest acceptance. Once eggs are laid, it is key to transfer them as carefully as possible to a tray.


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