PE Services based in Cavan have over 50 years experience supplying Poultry Equipment in Ireland and the UK. . PE Service supply and  deliver all the poultry equipment  for complete poultry systems. PE Services have fit out housing solutions for Breeder Hens,Broiler Chickens, Ducks, Layers, Rearing poultry and Turkeys.

PE Services are committed to maximising production while maintaining animal welfare.The care and habits of the animal are seriously considered when selecting our quality suppliers to partner with. The care and welfare of the animal is linked to quality and performance.PE Services continously look to improve the welfare of the animal through in house Research and Development

PE Services are a main distributor in Ireland and the UK for Agrologic Climate Control Systems, Reventa Ventilation and Heating Systems, Skiold Landmeco Rearing and Feeding Solutions,Impex Drinking Systems, Sanovo Packers and Hato Lighting. Together with these innovative technological companies PE Services provide the optimum environment for successful, profitable, poultry friendly businesses 

If you want equipment for a new or refusbished barn for the care of your Chickens, Ducks, Hens or Turkeys contact the experts at PE Services



The ultimate challenge in broiler production is to achieve target weight. In addition to sufficient feed and water, climate control plays an essential role in providing the best conditions for your birds to thrive. Efficient use of resources is also the key to sound financial results. PE Services supply the Broiler Equipment  Landmeco pans, Impex drinkers, Agrologic, Linak, Munters, heating and lighting to achieve the required results.


Collecting perfect hatching eggs is what counts when managing a breeder farm. An optimal house layout with attractive nests increases the birds’ nest acceptance. Once eggs are laid, it is key to transfer them as carefully as possible to a tray. Find out how our products for housing, climate, and egg-handling offer you the best solutions to collect top-quality hatching eggs. PE Services supply Full Landmeco systems and Impex drinkers.


For birds to adapt correctly to a production house they need to be provided with good management and housing which will lead to good growth and sexual development during Rearing. Lighting is an important tool for managing this process and crucial to create the very best conditions in the house.




PE Services supply  SKIOLD LANDMECO and Agrologic products facilitate natural behaviour and for birds to perform optimally it is important that they are well trained during rearing in order to easily find their way later in a production house. Our products facilitate natural behaviour, ensuring top results. Our solutions ensure a pleasant working environment both in the house and the egg collection room.



Creating the correct environment with sufficient feed and water is vital and that is why our poultry expertise also includes equipment for turkey production. PE Services range provides for turkey production with feeders, drinkers and associated equipment to suit. PE Services will assist with the design, supply, installation and the after sales service required to run a profitable enterprise.


PE Services supply full fit- out systems for Duck Houses. Our unique design of duck slats is designed to suit the characterises of the ducks. PE Services have specialised duck slats which best suit the particular characteristics of ducks, feeding systems and drinkers, coupled with ventilation and heating equipment.


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