PE Services Poultry- Layers

There are three types of rearing systems for laying hens. enriched cages, non-enriched cages and non-cage systems. PE Services provide an open non cage housing system for (layers) laying hens using Skiold -Landmeco equipment., The system provides for unobstructive views of the tiers and nests. PE Services supply Skiold Landmeco equipment is a market leader in the management and control of laying hens. This system allows for higher stocking densities while safeguarding the welfare of the hens.

Impex is our preferred partner for drinking systems. Drinking nipples ensure your chickens can easily drink sufficient, clean, and fresh drinking water. Without spilling the water, so you won't have to deal with wet litter. Every drinking nipple supplies uniform quantities of water to a tolerance of .005ml. There are no leaks and the nipple only supplies water when activated by the chicken/hen. The nipple is made from stainless steel which results in a long service life and a low cost of ownership. The I-Classic drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 180⁰ movable pin. A chicken drinks from this type of drinking nipple by pushing the pin of the nipple upwards with its beak. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (50 to 80 ml/min, at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Classic is often used in layer houses. 

LED Lighting is an essential part of the equipment in a poultry house. PE Services have a long association with Hato Lighting whose aim is to replicate natural outdoor lighting indoors. Birds perceive lighting in different ways to humans and Hato have built this into the technology with their lighting solutions. The benefits of Hato lights are reduced energy costs, lighting that can lower stress levels, less floor eggs and lights that can dim smoothly from 100% to 0% giving you complete control.

Agrologic is our preferred partner for climate control which is a smart and easy to use system. The system is set up the optimise the space available in the poultry house. The aim is for optimal performance. To achieve this aim, it is important that they are well trained during rearing in order to easily find their way later in a production house.

PE Services products facilitate natural behaviour, ensuring top results. Our solutions ensure a pleasant working environment both in the house and in the egg collection room. PE Services preferred partner for egg packers is the Sanovo Group who have over 80 years’ experience in packing eggs. The Farmpackers is designed for the egg packing environment, simple, robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

Farm Packer 70, SAVONO's machine provides more flexibility through detachable accumulator and easier cleaning. Gentle point-down egg packing into 30 egg trays with optional, economical tray stacking solution. In addition, this egg packer allows you to detach the accumulator for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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