Monorail Step Unit

The Monorail Step Unit solution is designed for use where access is required to multiple locations along a tanker. The simple design allows the Step Unit to be taken to various gates along the gantry. 



Specifications And Safety Features

  • Full safety handrail surround on Gantry.
  • Can be design with access ladder or stairs.
  • Step units travels along gantry on bearings for ease of movement.
  • Each gate is lockable.
  • Gantry and Monorail available up to 5m long. Can be designed longer is cases where required.
  • Cages are available from 1.4m to 3.0m wide depending on customer requirement.
  • Folding Stairs typically have 3 steps.
  • Step Units – 1.0m wide
  • Step Units are Mild Steel Galvanized.
  • Gantries are Mild Steel Galvanised.
  • Cages are Mild Steel Galvanised/Powder Coated or Stainless Steel.
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