Dust and Odour Control Solutions



Dust control systems are an important factor in meeting both environmental and health and safety requirements, while also helping and protecting employees and reducing site emissions. We offer complete solutions for the control of dust in all material handling processes, ranging from fine misting / fogging dust suppression systems to sprinkler systems.

Our misting dust suppression systems control airborne dust without wetting the product while adding very little moisture. Our systems are fully installed and integrated into all processes and control dust without the need for expensive extraction systems or chemical additives.

Dust control can be realised in different ways depending on the size and the type of the dust particles. Our dust control systems ensures an optimal approach to odour and dust problems.




In waste, recycling, waste water treatment, landfill and composting industries, We can reduce odour emissions by spraying on material surface, fogging with odour eliminating agents and using vapour and misting technology.

PE Services can supply purpose built  high pressure nozzle lines or vapour lines to treat your specific issue and vapour generating systems to cover specific locations.

We can also provide mobile vapour systems with which can be easily and rapidly  deployed and moved from one location to another if required.



High quality misting / cooling systems for use within agriculture, horticulture and for use in industrial cooling, humidification for indoor and outdoor application.

When ultra fine water droplets from the misting nozzles are sprayed into the atmosphere, they quickly absorb the heat (energy) present in the environment and evaporate, hence the air is cooled by the process called evaporative cooling.

High pressure misting fans and misting systems are designed to efficiently introduce a super fine mist into the area to be cooled which almost instantly evaporates. The fogging / misting nozzles are designed to produce a very fine mist in order to get water to evaporate quickly.

This method of cooling is very effective within poultry units / sheds and within environments where there are intensively reared animals and where humidity and temperature must be effectively controlled.

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