All cars require cleaning whether it’s for pure hygiene reasons, maintaining their appearance or simply good maintenance, we have the solution for virtually every need. What may appear to be an quick/cheap/easy fix may not meet your particular needs, please therefore speak to us at the earliest opportunity as choosing the right solution early may save you significant time and money in the long-term.

Conveyor Systems

Hand Wash

Hand Wash Conveyor is a new concept in car washing. It combines some elements of the automatic wash with the care of a hand wash, to provide an efficient, fast and profitable car wash centre.

This system allows for a high through put of cars with a minimal number of staff. An average unit will wash 60 cars per hour.

Longer units will increase throughput further. This allows for significant opportunity to grow your wash business.

We can tailor and customise each system to your specific site requirements. Whether it is a new build or a retro-fit we have a system suitable for your needs.

As the system comprises of a flat belt, it is safe for operators, it does not damage expensive alloy wheels and it is easy and welcoming to enter and exit.

This system provides customers with an innovative wash experience, it is remarkably quiet and smooth, where customers appreciate the quality and the efficiency of the wash and return regularly.

We will help design, install and provide a comprehensive back up service.

Brush Wash

The conveying technology used in our conveyors ensure long reliable service, high through put of vehicles, of over 60 vehicles per hour, combined with the ability to handle vehicles carefully, safely and efficiently.

Our conveyor solutions are customised to your specific requirements and can handle most vehicle types and track widths.

They are adaptable, robust and maintenance friendly with many components manufactured from stainless steel.

The wash performance is consistently superior 100% of the time.

These systems are proven as being customer friendly as demonstrated by continual repeat business.

If you have a valeting service or a busy forecourt, this solution could assist in growing your business and becoming more efficient and profitable.

The brushes can be supplied in many configurations and with many innovative brush materials and hybrid materials which provide excellent cleaning with outstanding car care at all times.

We will help design, install and provide a comprehensive back up service.

Automatic Car Wash Systems

We are Irish agents for Ceccato, who are amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle washing equipment with a presence in over 60 countries.

All machines provide a strong reliability, visual appeal, speed, efficiency and performance combined with smoothness which allow for consistently excellent wash results.

We supply a range of machines suitable for car dealerships and forecourts.

The machines have a high level of wash technology including under body washing, high pressure wash functionality and innovative fleet tracking and wash diagnostic systems.

Contact us to discuss the machine which best suits your needs. Whether you require a machine which washes 8 cars per hour or 120 cars per hour, there is a machine with the performance to match your requirements.

Aries, Phoenix, Hydrus, Pegasus


Fleet Wash Systems

We provide effective equipment solutions to suit washing large numbers of cars which require frequent cleaning.

These systems are suitable for car hire companies and high throughput systems are in use in Dublin airport by international car hire companies.

Our systems are fast, efficient and reliable and provide excellent wash quality.

We will help design, install and provide a comprehensive back up service.

Manual & Jet Wash Systems

Over 20 years’ experience within the car wash industry. Our jet wash systems are manufactured to the highest standard using high quality components.

Jet wash Cabinets - Our cabinets are made using stainless steel to ensure solid long-lasting enclosures which compliment any forecourt.

Multi-bay Manual Jet Wash systems - Customised wash systems are available depending on your needs. Frame mounted systems located in an existing structure or purpose-built plant room enclosure, with an external control unit on a post at the wash bay, is a cost-effective solution.

Canopies & Enclosures

We supply a wide range of sizes in a full range of colours and various styles.

Heavy duty all weather construction.

Enclosures & Wash Buildings

Weather proof your wash equipment and enhance the look of your wash centre.

– Modular systems

– Steel structures

– Bespoke buildings – tell us what you want, and we will help make your idea a reality.


Wash screens will protect against over spray from the wash and will significantly enhance the overall look of your wash. Tell us what you require, and we will assist you.

Codax & Payment Technology

– Codax – code generator and POS systems

– Smart Card readers

– Payment terminals for credit cards

– Loyalty programmes using wash club technology


We also supply:


– Air & Water Units

– Car Vac Systems


We are a one stop shop for all your vehicle and car wash needs, with next day delivery throughout Ireland.

– Foam applicators

– Lances

– HP Hoses and fittings

– Graphics

– LED lights

– Pumps and motors

– Detergents

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