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PE Services based in Cavan are over 50 years in business in Ireland and the UK. PE Services philosophy is to provide solutions that consider the welfare of the animal and our environment while providing a livelihood for the farmer and the family. This philosophy also extends to the staff that work for PE Services. We consider our staff, customers and suppliers to be partners in the success of our business. PE Services are leaders and innovators in Agriculture providing welfare systems cattle, pig and poultry. In the Pig area PE Services provide Dry and Wet Feeding solutions. PE Services have developed sustainable poultry friendly solutions for Layer, Breeders and Broilers. This company also provied a highly effective milk system for piglets.

Our offer on Pig, Poutry and Dairy equipment is all supported by having service teams to provide the back up service.


PE Services were the first to introduce automated Pig and Poultry equipment to Ireland in the early 1970's. PE Services pioneered Automated Ventilation Equipment with different design options for commercial production of Pig and Poultry. PE Services introduced heat recovery systems in Pig and Poultry on commercial farms in the 1980's. This year we have installed the latest version of this recovery on poultry farms. PE Services have successfully commercialised Pump 'N' Grow, a supplementary feeding system for piglets in Ireland and the UK. PE services are the exclusive agency for DanMilk which is a calf milk replacer and supplementary feed for piglets. PE Services listen to our customers while adopting a can-do approach to customer problem solving.

PE Services work on the basis that our staff, customers and suppliers are a team who work together in an environment of mutual respect. This is how we provide innovative solutions to our customers. The animal and the environment must equally be treated with the same respect. PE Services provides a full design, supply and maintenance service for Poultry, Pig and Cattle in Ireland and UK. Regardless of where you are starting from - a green field site, extending or converting a shed, or refurbishing a barn - our team can help you in every aspect of planning and design to the specification best suited to your specific needs. PE Services are agents for world class equipment, coupled with almost 50 years’ experience supplying the agricultural sector. 

PE Services  believe in providing the best solution, using the best and latest agricultural technologies, coupled with experience and a continuous commitment to in house research and development. This combination is a partnership which results in better business decisions, better farming and higher profits. This is achieved through better utilisation of the building while maintaining high welfare standards for the animals. PE Service experienced work force provide the backup service, training and support that is essential to support your business. PE Services stores department manage spares for all the equipment PE supply.

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PE Services stock calf milk replacer and pig milk. PE also carry an extensive supply of spare parts and consumables for all our clients and previously installed poultry, pig and dairy farming systems. Browse our wide-ranging stock of items for general use within the industrial and agriculture sectors.
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