Milling & Grinding

PE Service offer the following Skiold Disc Mills, SK2500, SK5000, SK10T which can process material up to 12 tonnes per hour. They all come with adjustable milling, low energy consumption, minimal dust emissions and extremely low noise levels. The SK780, a more industrial mill can process materials up to 25 tonnes per hour. PE Services supply Skiold DM2, DM3 and BM5 hammer mills with a cooling fan as standard. As well as cooling the meal it allows the raw and ground material to be conveyed around the system. 

PE Services can also to supply Pelleting Machines which range in capacity from 2 Tonnes to 25 tonnes per hour.

PE Service offer SKIOLD offer the leading supplier of milling and grinding equipment for animal feed production.

Milling equipment from PE Services ensures optimized nutritional feed, higher efficiency, reduced operational costs improved animal health and increase feed conversion rate. The feed structure should be adapted to the different animal groups, and a wide range of different milling and grinding machines are available for the production of animal feed and fine-ground feed for poultry, livestock or aquaculture.

The choice of milling & grinding equipment is determined by the type of animal feed that is to be produced:

  • For pigs and poultry, hammer mills and disc mills are commonly used for feed production.
  • For cattle and other ruminants, the natural choice is a crusher or a PE Services Disc mill for feed production.

Regarding the question, whether you should choose a PE Services Disc mill, Crusher or a Hammermill for your milling & grinding plant, first and foremost depends or your need. We are always ready to advise you which option would be the best for your feed production in your specific situation.


DM is the type designation for PE Service's range of hammer mills. The DM mills are made of a very solid and simple construction and have a transportation capacity of up to 80 meters.The DM3 is also available in a Prof-Line version, with longer durability for wearing parts. All wearing parts are easy to replace by original spare parts from PE Services.

In addition to the traditional hammer mills, our range includes a gravity mill, DM6, and a WM version for grinding of moist maize (CCM).

Some of the advantages of a hammer mill are:

  • Low heat generation
  • Less condensation
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple and reliable construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Three grinding bridges ensure a higher capacity
  • Three-part screen increases flexibility
  • Up to 30 kW
  • Up to 4000 kg/h

5 models are available:

  1. DM2 – capacity up to 500 kg/hour
  2. DM3 – capacity from 500 to 1500 kg/hour
  3. DM4 – capacity from 1000 to 1800 kg/hour
  4. DM6 – capacity from 350 to 4000 kg/hour
  5. BM5 – capacity from 1000 to 2500 kg/hourc


PE Services supply a range of crushers which can cater for feeding a few horses to a large cattle enterprise. The grain crushers can be used for crushing for Wheat, Barley Maize, Oats and Peas. 


The PE Service's SKIOLD Disc mills is based on proven and award-winning technology and thousands of disc mills have been put into operation worldwide. Every year the Disc mills from  PE Service's SKIOLD  produces more than 20 million tonnes of feed.

SKIOLD Disc mills are suitable for grinding of many different types of raw materials, including pellets with a diameter of up to 12 mm. One of the advantages of the SKIOLD Disc mill is that it´s possible to vary the grinding degree during operation, and thereby optimize the feed structure for different animal groups.

Some of the advantages of the SKIOLD Disc mill are:

  • Adjustable structure, automatically or manually
  • Exceptional durability on wearing parts
  • Capacity up to 30.000 kg/hour
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Dust free grinding
  • Quiet running
  • Compact and fits easily in both new and existing plants

4 models are available:

  1. SK2500 – capacity up to 2500 kg/hour
  2. SK5000 – capacity up to 6000 kg/hour
  3. SK10 – capacity up to 12000 kg/hour
  4. SK780 – capacity up to 30000 kg/hour
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