Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key issues in moving pullets from the rearing house to the laying house which can be very stressful and can be the start of feather pecking?

  • Try and mirror/match the conditions in the rearing house with the laying house.
  • Use the same Drinkers (Impex) and Feeders (Landmeco) as supplied by PE Services.
  • Use Hato Lighting as recommended and supplied by PE Services. 
  • The same perching arrangement is also important.
  • The Lights should be turned on and off at the same time in the laying house as was in the rearing house.

How does one achieve the best possible results in table egg production?

  • It starts with the chicks in how quickly they find their way in the housing system.
  • Water, feed and later nesting should follow the normal (natural) behaviour of the hen.
  • In the rearing phase supplied by PE Services the hens are trained to move between levels.
  • When the birds move from the rearing phase the behaviour is natural to them.

What are the benefits of purchasing Skiold Milling Equipment supplied by PE Services?

  • Skiold milling equipment supplied by PE Services ensures optimised nutritional feed, higher efficiency and reduced operational costs.
  • Improve animal health and helps improve the feed conversion rate by adopting the feed structure to the different animal groups.
  • Sales support and customer service is provided by PE Services based in Cavan.

What type milling and grinding equipment should one purchase?

  • It depends on the ​needs of the individual for feed production in their own particular situation
  • For pigs and poultry, hammer mills and disc mills are commonly used for feed production.
  • For cattle and other ruminants, the natural choice is a crusher or a SKIOLD Disc mill for feed production.

Is there an industrial grain cleaner on the market that removes mycrotoxins?

  • Yes, the Skiold DAMAS SIGMA which removes over 90% of the mycrotoxins from grain in a space saving, vibration free package.
  • Suitable for mobile installation.
  • This is a high-capacity cleaning and grading machine.
  • Suitable for small or large grains of cereals.
  • It can be used for pre-cleaning malted barley.
  • Industrial cleaning of cereal.

​​Why do many invest in Skiold-Landmeco feed pans supplied by PE Services for commercial Broiler production?

  • The unique patented solution recognised worldwide as probably the best feed in the world.
  • Tests have shown better food conversion ratios which results in better margin/bird and greater profits.
  • The chicks learn correct eating behaviour from day one and this increases growth rate and makes it more homogeneous and efficient. 
  • The Chicks will grow faster and reach target weights in a shorter period of time. The kick – off 330°C feeding pan gives a far greater assurance for a better start, as it automatically overflows all pan 330°C.
  • Creating superior feed access to all chicks in the first instance. The unique design of the pan presents the feed to the chicks at eye level, offers an unrivalled availability of feed which gives your chicks the best possible start.
  • The kick-off feeding system provides centrally controlled filling to all pans at the same time. And eliminates the need for providing feed on the floor/paper.
  • Their is no disassembly of parts in cleaning which makes the operation simple reducing the time and the labour costs.
  • The pars are transparentt which makes dirt easy to see and remove on the pans.
  • The pan lines can be lifted which allows the herding of the birds to the end of the poultry house which makes catching easier.

Why should a farmer invest in a supplementary feeding system for piglets such as Pump 'N' Grow supplied by PE Services?

  • The investment will result in healthier Sows and Piglets when a good management system is in place.
  • It reduces the workload on the staff. 
  • It results in more uniform feeding.
  • Increased profitability in the herd additional weight gain of .8-1kg per piglet and the sow can nurse1-2 additional piglets per cycle.
  • Improved Productivity, more uniform and heavier weaned pigs as a result of fresh milk in small portions being fed to the piglets.
  • Major labour savings (maximum 15 minutes a day including cleaning)
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