PE Services, from our base in Cavan town, are leading suppliers of pig equipment providing a complete turnkey solution for the fit-out of your Pig Farm.  PE Services offer excellent quality and value. This includes all the internal elements for the piggery including Pig Ventilation., pig housing, penning, slats, dividers, farrowing troughs,feeders, heaters and pig crates. PE Services are leaders in providing Pig Ventilation Equipment, PIg Feeding Systems (Both Wet and Dry Feeding Pig Equipment), Pig Waterers, Penning and a supplementary feeding system for baby pigs.(Pump 'N' Grow)

PE Services are delighted to be the Irish Agent for Microfan and Reventa state-of-the-art Pig Ventilation equipment. PE are the main dealer for Skiold Datamix  which is one of the best pig wet feed system on the market. PE Service offer Skiold's dry feeding solution which is the choice of many Pig Farmers worldwide. PE Services supply meal bins and the auger system that takes this feed from the meal bins to the pig dispensers in a controlled environment. PE Services supply the associated handling equipment for pigs. PE Services can  help design your ideal  housing solution and advise on the welfare aspect with the introduction of the freedom farrowing range of solutions. 

PE Services are also Skiold agents for mills and milling equipment. Skiold began producing  feed  milling equipment in the 1930's and it is not by chance that Skiold produce probably the best milling equipment in the world. Skiold products are tried and tested, and with ongoing R&D and technical backup, make Skiold the equipment of choice for farmers and commerical feed manufacturers. The mills vary in size depending on the needs of the customer. PE Services have stock of Datamix spare parts and Skiold Milling spare parts. At PE Services our design solutions are key to optimise the conditions of the pigs while maintaining superior animal welfare and a high level of biosecurity and excellent working conditions, thus ensuring an environment where the animals and workers  are happy and exceed their performance targets.

At PE Services we ensure that every job is treated with the same level of professionalism whether its a small family pig to the bigger commercial pig units. PE Service aim is to supply only quality and reliable equipment which is key to modern livestock farming. PE provide a backup service to ensure when issues arise with the equipment it is sorted. This customer service is the key to retaining our existing customers and growing our customer base.

PE Services ensures that our expert knowledge transfer to you, our client, and we are constantly upgrading our technical pig knowledge to meet industry standards.

Pig - Liquid/Wet

Feeding Systems

PE Services have established a leading reputation in the Irish pig industry by offering Skiold Datamix which has proven to be one of the best Liquid (Wet) Feeding Systems in the world. PE Services have been involved in some of the largest piggery developments in Ireland and the UK. PE Services can offer a complete package or part package depending on your particular requirements. We can assist the customer from design stage right up to installation and after sales service.


Pig - Dry Feeding


PE Services also offer high quality and efficient Dry Feeding equipment for pigs. The focus at PE Services is giving the customer the best end result possible whether it is weaners, finishers or sows. PE Service product procurement, installation and customer service is always customer focused.

Pig Feed - Intake

The intake of raw material is the start of the process on a typical farm.This is followed by cleaning, the grinding a Sk5000 disc mill for examplle, a unimixer and the Skiold Flexmix computer. This gives the farmer an integrated system from PE Services who supply Skiold Milling Equipment which is  recognised as probably the best milling equipment in the world. 


Grain  - Cleaning


Cleaning of grain and other raw materials in animal feed production secure high feed quality and prevents bacterial growth. PE Services partner with Skiold who are  the leading provider of grain cleaning solutions. Skiold provide grain cleaning equipment, grain cleaning machines and grain cleaning systems. For on-farm animal feed production PE Services supply a full range of efficient cleaning equipment: Screen cleaners, drum cleaners, and jet-filters.

Mixing and Proportioning

PE Services  delivers diagonal mixers, horizontal mixers, paddle mixers and small batch mixers for all purposes and capabilities. A single raw material is not sufficient to cover the feed demand of the livestock. A balanced and homogeneous diet requires mixing of different ingredients. The type and character of the raw materials to be mixed, and requirements to mixing time, are factors to consider when choosing which type of mixer.



Pig Ventilation

PE Services  offers the new Bravo Touch 10 Climate Controller for pigs through our partner Microfan. The new generation Bravo Touch similar to the classic Bravo comes with a touch screen which is simple and easy to use. The Bravo Touch is perfect for a stand alone pig farm climate system with ventilators. Future details available




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