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PE Service recognise the importance of Ventilation, Climate Control, Heat, Water, Food and Lighting for the health and performance of Broiler and Broiler Breeders. PE Services are the preferred supplier of Broiler and Broiler Breeder equipment for many farmers. 

PE Services use Reventa, (part of the Munter Group) for Ventilation equipment. The ZEW range of fresh air inlets incorporate the latest technology in air inlets. The TU range of exhaust air chimneys are designed for closed livestock structures such as chicken houses. 

Agrologic Image II computer give the farmer climate control of every aspect of the flock. PE Service in consultation with Agrologic provide the programme and the user interface to suit the specific needs of the customer. Agrologic is also our preferred solution for animal and feed weighting in poultry houses. The Chick Scale 103 is a easy to use manual scales for poultry farms. 

PE Services use Skiold Landmeco and Reventa for reliable heating solutions for Broiler Barns. 

PE Service partner with Impex for the supply of fresh drinking water systems for poultry houses. Impex nipple drinking equipment is in worldwide use. A consistent water supply is critical in the health and performance of the chicken and hens. Every drinking nipple supplies uniform quantities of water to a tolerance of .005ml. There are no leaks and the nipple only supplies water when activated by the chicken/hen. The nipple is made from stainless steel which results in a long service life and a low cost of ownership. The I-Flex drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 360⁰ movable pin. A chicken can activate this drinking nipple from the bottom as well as from the side. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (side: 20-80 ml/min, bottom: 35-125 ml/min at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Flex nipple drinker is widely used for broilers and pullets but is also suitable for laying hens. There is a unique I-Flex drinking nipple for untrimmed laying hens. 

PE Services are the Irish agents for Landmeco poultry who provide world class feed solutions for poultry farmers. Landmeco unique patented Pan Feeding System secures the best possible results for broilers. Landmeco pans automatically allows easy access for all chicks and stimulates correct eating behaviours from the start of a chick’s life. The feed is automatically presented at eye level for the chicks. The easy cleaning of the equipment saves the farmer time and money. There is no dis- assembling of the pans during cleaning. The transparent cone allows the farmer to see when the pan is clean.

LED Lighting is an essential part of the equipment in a poultry house. PE Services have a long association with Hato Lighting whose aim is to replicate natural outdoor lighting indoors. Birds perceive lighting in different ways to humans and Hato have built this into the technology with their lighting solutions. The benefits of Hato lights are reduced energy costs, lighting that can lower stress levels and can dim smoothly from 100% to 0% giving you complete control.

Microfan is PE Services preferred partner for automated alarm systems for chicken houses. Microfan Argos Observer range is reliable and easy to use for the farmer. 

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