Water Recycling

PE Services are the Irish Agent and sole supplier of FreyLit Water Recycling Plant. PE Services have worked with FreyLit for over 20 years having recognised their technology as the best in the market. 


Key Benefits of the FREYLIT ECOLIT

  • Capacitites for 30 litres/min to 1000 litres/min.

  • 90% water saving

  • Suitable for all types of vehicle washing machines on the world market

  • Water treatment "without chemicals" by using an electrical-physical principle

  • Minimum maintenance investment (2 times per year) max. 60 minutes per maintenance

How it works.

The first stage of the Water Recycling is when the waste water enters a silt trap. Solids settle in this tank and the water will overflow into the storage tank.

The water is then pumped from the storage tank to the FREYLIT via a submersible pump.

The Wash Water will be filtered by hydro cyclones and passes the two-stage chemical free degerming process, before entering the reactor tank of the recycling unit.
The degermed and prefiltered water will be stored inside this reactor tank. Here, smaller floating dirt particles will be separated to the water surface of the reactor tank by air filtration, powered by comprssed air, and periodically drained back into the silt chamber.
The cleaned, odour free water will be pumped out of the reactor tank on demand of wash water for the wash bay.
An optional fine filtration with automatic back flush can be added on request.
Now the process will start all over again and again


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