PE Services is a total supplier of ventilation for your pig house. The optimal climate for the pigs in the pig house provides the environment for optimal growth for the pigs. Good Pig Ventilation in the pig barn, uniform climate is the key to a healthy living conditions for the pigs. PE Services provide different types of ventilation systems. negative pressure, equal pressure and diffuse pressure. Negative pressure ventilation is the most common choice of ventilation principle among PE Services' customers. This type of ventilation consists of a certain number of exhaust chimneys which are mounted in the ceiling or roof. Air intake is enabled by use of either wall or ceiling inlets.

Being able to deliver an operational reliable ventilation system which also minimizes the cost for energy remains one of PE Services greatest priorities.

A wide range of components for air intake, control and exhaustion enables PE Services to design an energy-efficient ventilation plant which complies with practically all demands.



Ventilation is a key factor in determining the performance and welfare of the pigs. 
A It is true a well-managed, functioning, efficient ventilation system effectively draws fresh air into a building and removes the stale air from the building.

The two main purposes of providing ventilation are: 

  • To maintain an effective temperature for the pigs 
  • To provide fresh and clean air for pigs and stockpeople



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