PE Services - Pump 'n' Grow


PE Services supply the Pump'n'Grow fully automated milk cup system designed to supplement the sow’s own milk. The system has a capacity of up to 4,000 sows per system. The system can be used with cold water. It is simplest to use and instal for a relatively low investment.

The Pump'n'Grow system supplies fresh milk in small portions throughout the farrowing house and is optimised to reduce waste. Pump'n'Grow has already seen impressive results for our customers, including 0.8-1kg higher weaning weights, and the sow can nurse an additional 1-2 piglets per litter. labour saving is also a key part in purchasing the system. The time it takes to feed the piglets and the daily cleaning is a maximum 15 minutes per day. One of the biggest drivers of poor uniformity in your animal performance is the variation in piglet growth. that can be seen from early growth stages. Providing ready access to a milk supplement for all piglets in these vital early days of life improves feed intake, live weight gain, increases uniformity in the herd and drives a better overall performance for you at the end of the cycle.



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