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PE Service use Skiold Landmeco equipment for poultry rearing. LANDMECOs rearing system without manure belt has been developed by LANDMECO in close cooperation with Danish producers on the basis of many years’ experience in manufacturing equipment for the poultry sector and in rearing chickens respectively. Considerable emphasis has been placed on functionality, chicken welfare and growth, user-friendliness, quality, and not least ease of cleaning. The system is extremely simple and can easily be adapted to suit existing buildings.

 The Skiold Landmeco Aviary Rearing system has the following advantages

  1. Relatively Low investment for the potential returns.
  2. Easy Access allows for better bird management
  3. The birds are protected from Day 1
  4. Extra Food and Water can be added.
  5. The system is opened up after 8 days/
  6. the view of the birds is not obstructed.
  7. After week 7 the birds move between tiers and perches.
  8. ‚ÄčThe system is functional, easy to fit and can be adapted to existing buildings
  9. The birds learn practices should as perching which makes the transition to the layer house seamless in terms of bird behaviour.
  10. It focuses on chicken welfare and growth - this is proven by results obtained in recent installations.
  11. The tiers fold, the drinkers and feeders are raised which allows the birds to be herded to the end of the house for ease fo catching
  12. Overall the  system is user friendly
  13. Cleaning is easy.
  14. Quality materials is used in the construction. A sample of the type of materials and construction is available for viewing in our showroom in Cavan

For birds to adapt correctly to a production house they need to be provided with good management and housing which will lead to good growth and sexual development during Rearing. Lighting is an important tool for managing this process and crucial to create the very best conditions in the house. LED Lighting is an essential part of the equipment in a poultry house. PE Services have a long association with Hato Lighting whose aim is to replicate natural outdoor lighting indoors. Birds percieve lighting in different ways to humans and Hato have built this into the technology with their lighting solutions. The benefits of Hato lights are reduced energy costs, lighting that can lower stress levels and can dim smoothly from 100% to 0% giving you complete control.

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