Pig Equipment

PE Services have established a leading reputation in the Irish pig industry. PE Services continue to be involved in some of the largest piggery developments in Ireland and the UK. PE Services can assist in from design stage right up to installation and after sales service which is tailored to the farmers budget. 

PE Services offers liquid feeding for pigs through an easy to use system while beiing one of the most advanced liquid feeding systems on the market. The traditional feeding systems involve the food remains in the pipes while the feed computer controls the feed and the liquid. PE Services have different systems to allow for the changes in eating habits of the pigs. For example for finishers two mixing tanks are used with two different recipes which accomodates a change in recipe for finishers. The recipe from the first mixing tank is pushed back into the first mixing tank.  Residue Free Liquid Feeding ensures only fresh feed is distributed to the pigs which leads to better feed consumption. This system involves a mixing tank and a water tank. The water tanks is used to have water in the pipes when the pigs are finished eating. PE Services also provide for Ad Lib feeding. This allows customisation of feeding to groups of pigs. This gives flexilbility in what each feed valve distributes. This allows for reduce/ increased feeding.


As part of the liquid feeding system, PE Services supplies a complete program of mixing tanks with capacities ranging from 1500-8000 litres. The mixing tanks are equipped with a drain which helps to reduce remaining quantities, as well as a cleaning door with a mounted magnet to remove any metallic foreign bodies. Rest-tanks can be integrated with the main mixing tank for storage of remaining quantities.  Both the rest-tanks and mixing tanks are equipped with automatic cleaning systems.A safety device is placed on top of the tank to prevent accidents. Skiold mixing tanks have been designed with focus on longevity coupled with fast and easy cleaning.


Liquid grinding is actually the only way to handle wet corn. The intake/grinding of the wet corn is handled by a liquid feeding system, DM6000. The corn is dosed via a gas-proof silo into the grinding chamber through a magnet trap. Fluid is added to the liquid feed tank prior to the grinding. The fluid helps the corn through the grinding in the mill and prevents material build-ups.

The system is self-cleaning, and when the grinding is completed, the system is cleaned internally with clean water; thereby, feed remains and condensation problems are avoided.
The result is excellent feed hygiene which strengthens the general health of the animals.

Limited wearing and no water spillage are also key advantages in terms of reducing feed costs.


PE Services offers a complete program of feed valves which among others consists of feed valves, section valves and ball valves. The ball valves are used especially in challenging conditions, where feed needs to be pumped over long distances. The new DM5 feed valve has been developed to withstand the future demands of secure and easy operation.

The valve is equipped with a stainless rough-boring angle and stainless bolts, which makes it easy to mount. The rubber membrane is manufactured from two layers of rubber, which are vulcanized around a heavy fibre net; ensuring a powerful membrane with an optimal life span.


Installations are equipped with well proven pumps with high performance and operational reliability. Centrifugal pumps in stainless steel can be supplied with 4.0- or 5.5-kW motors.

PE Services is very focused on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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