Elevating Access Cage

The elevating access cage is design for access to the full length of a tanker. The cage is lowered onto the top of the truck and access is then gained to the cage via a Step unit. This solution is typically used where tankers are split or where venting is required from an alterative hatch.


Specifications And Safety Features

  • Cage available in lengths up to 12m and up to 1.6m wide.
  • Cage elevated via Hydraulic rams and a power pack.
  • Limit switches and sensors available to lift cage to desired height.
  • Safety switch allows access to cage only when it’s lowered on a tank.
  • Cage available with full length opening along centre of access points.
  • Step units available per Step unit page.
  • Cages are Mild Steel Galvanised, or Powder coated.
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