Dry Feed

Dry Feeding


SKIOLD TransPork has an unmatched capacity of up to twice that of other dry feeding systems due to its very strong construction. TransPork® dry feeding system can be installed with SKIOLD volume dispensers or used as a filling system for Maximat® feeding automats.

The drive unit can be installed on the floor or mounted on a wall. The drive unit is equipped with an integrated console, which prevents cable breakage in case of overloading by foreign bodies.

The TransPork® corners are cast of hardwearing plastic and can be positioned horizontally, vertically or with inclination. Each heavy-duty inner wheel is fitted with dustproof ball bearings. Further protection against damp and feed penetration is provided by the two outer casing parts, which are bolted together with stainless bolts to ensure a dustproof seal.

The SKIOLD TransPork hopper is simple in design with a stainless cabinet for outdoor as well as indoor mounting. The hopper can be placed free-standing on the floor or suspended under a silo. The inlet is adapted for standard hoppers but is also available with special connections.



SKIOLD MiniPork drive unit is a small solid drive unit with a capacity of up to 850 kg/h. It is a compact 0.75 kW system with self-emptying cabinets to minimize feed remnants. SKIOLD MiniPork has a unique design and can be installed on the floor or mounted on a wall or ceiling. The equal placement of inlet and outlet of the SKIOLD MiniPork enables a horizontal installation of the feed pipe. The pulling of the drive unit is reversible and simplifies the installation.

The drive unit is equipped with an integrated console, which prevents cable breakage in case of overloading by foreign bodies. Furthermore, the drive unit is equipped with a switch, which automatically stops the system if the cable gets too loose. An outside indicator shows when the cable needs tightening and when a cable shortening is necessary.


SKIOLD has several different solutions for optimal control of your dry feeding. MultiPork can be connected to an inductive sensor for extra safety when using the motorized hopper. MultiPork is able to control systems with automatic feed release functions. It also comes with a built-in fully automatic “Flow Time Control” being very suitable for systems with dispensers or alternative systems where the feeding requirements have only small deviations in the feed consumption from time to time.

Through the completion detector, the system will learn the required feed quantity, and disconnect the motorized hopper in time to avoid filling of the feed circuit before the next feeding. This reduces load and wear to the system, and an extra completion detector can be saved.

The control panels for TransPork® consist of 3 basic units, which can be combined and extended with a series of modules – a flexible program of control units to be tailored individually and thus meet the demands from each farmer. All 3 controls have an alarm for motor overload protection and wrong cable tension with the emphasis on simple and user-friendly front panel. TransPork 0 M is a simple panel to control all sorts of ad-lib systems as well as dispenser systems with a manual release. Combining this panel with a motorized hopper, it can almost empty the feed circuit by means of a double-sensor-system (two completion detectors) and thus avoid starting up the system with full contents of feed.



With SKIOLD Transpork Multiphase Feeding, which is a simple and accurate computer-controlled feeding system, it is possible to control up to 2000 feed values and 10 mixing units on load cells. The equipment can control the mill mix system including an intelligent recipe lever for the SKIOLD disc mill. The transport multiphase feeding system can handle up to 50 feed components in 40 silos. It is possible to feed your animals restrictively or ad libitum and efficiency reports of the consumption of feed is available on either pen- or section level. Depending on the weight of the pig, each pen is allocated exactly the blend, which is the most optimal at the given time. Skiold Multiphase feeding system can be operated from a PC with a multinational user menu and it is possible to get efficiency reports on either pen or section level. It is possible to connect a mini dosing unit adding i.e. vitamin on valve level. It is connectable to PDA (handheld terminal) with possibility to integrate with Agrosoft management program.