The mating unit is with single crates made of heavy-duty, hot galvanized steel piping, and with easy access for insemination. Throughs are available in stainless steel or polymeric concrete. Access to drinking water is provided either by one water nipple for every second sow, or by SKIOLD Aqua Flow drinking cup.


The layout of the gestation unit is individual according to the requested solution. With focus on animal welfare, SKIOLD ESF feeding only necessitates very simple penning equipment with loose housing system. ESF lives up to the experts’ recommendations concerning individual feeding and ensures that each sow is in best possible condition, which provides for the best production results. SKIOLD supplies the requested solution, whether it is free-access feeding/resting stalls or group pens for small sow groups.


A well-designed farrowing house provides for welfare for your animals and good working conditions for your staff. A low piglet mortality rate from birth to weaning is an important key indicator, and a correctly designed farrowing crate is an important tool to obtain this. The small details make the difference, and SKIOLD has considered them all: Stainless trough for the sow ensures hygienic feeding and easy cleaning, and a separate trough and drinking bowl for the piglets in combination with a heated climatic corner provide for the best conditions for your piglets during weaning. The floor in the farrowing house is typically a partially slatted floor, a combination of concrete and cast-iron slats, or a fully slatted floor in combination with plastic slats with cast-iron slats under the sow. It is possible to integrate a heating plate in the corner for the piglets.


Weaner and finisher units are constructed with heavy-duty hot galvanized profiles and extruded PVC panels. The gates are easily operated to minimize your work when moving the pigs. The combination of steel pipes and PVC panels provides for the best air current in the pen and thus the best possible climate all year round. SKIOLD can of course supply penning equipment specially developed for pens with tunnel ventilation.