Climate & Systems Control



PE Services supply simple and user-friendly ventilation systems. Reventa and Microfan are our agency partners who are heavily involved in continual product research and development and as a result are part of Europe’s leading providers of ventilation and control systems in Broiler, Breeder, Rearing, Layers, Turkey and Duck houses. This ensures lower energy costs and production assurance.

PE Services provide effective ventilation systems, which are simple and effective. Often ventilation systems, particularly in the free-range sector, can be unnecessarily technical and complicated.

Our systems are cost effective and have been proven successful in ensuring high quality air and suitable temperatures for bird welfare.

Whether you require natural ventilation or powered ventilation we can assist with the calculations and provision of all the equipment you will need. We also have a highly experienced team of electricians to install all the equipment for you.

Extraction Fans

Ziehl-Abegg is one of the leading international companies in the ventilation and drive technology sector with matching control technology.

PE Services have used the 800 series supplied by Ziehl-Abegg for many years. We have found that the reliability and performance of this fan is superior to any other fan currently on the market.

We have designed the extraction system around using larger fans and therefore reducing the number of fans required. The 800 series fan capacity is twice the 630-fan capacity with an approximate energy saving of 60% based on cubic meters per hour of air movement.

Climate Control

We are the Irish agents for Agrologic who continues to be a world leader in the development and production of climate, bird feeding and weighing systems for modern poultry, pig and dairy production. The Agrologic electronic control units regulate and control all the vital functions in your production.

By adapting controllers according to our customers’ needs we are able to provide a reliable, cost-effective system for all their requirements. PE Services are constantly improving our systems, and as result are able to help the grower increase their profitability. These touch screen controllers are smart, affordable and user friendly.

These innovative control systems measure and control numerous parameters which are important for the grower, feed, water, temperature, water, carbon dioxide and ammonia.





TU exhaust air chimneys are designed to work reliably under the harsh conditions of ventilation in closed stables. All components are made of high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene. Designed for a moderate climate and to withstand sunlight.


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