Before supplementary feeding of the piglets – 42 sows weaned/week with 12 pigs/sow = 504 pig With the Pump N Grow System using Danmilk Supreme and Piglet Boozt – 42 sows weaned/week with 14 pigs/sow = 588 pigs = 84 pigs/week Potential for 4,368 piglets per year weaned – no investment in sow buildings No fostering sows anymore. Lactation days increased from: 24 before 28 now - Same litter/year No scouring in flat deck due to healthier pigs at weaning and older pigs. Zinc oxide is removed from the diet and still no scouring Uses £68,25/sow in lactation diets per lactation Before per piglet - £5,68 Now per piglet - £4,87 Difference at £0,81/piglet in savings (going from 12 to 14 piglets) Danmilk cost £2 per piglet in milk powder Total cost is £1,19 per piglet adjusted for the increase in pig numbers What is the profit from an extra 80 pigs+ sold worth?.
Testimonial – Pig Customer in Northern Ireland

‘The Calves did really well, very healthy and they loved the product. So much so we fed it dry with nuts at the end of the feeding cycle. The calves were all hand reared quicker than normal. The product mixes easily in the buckets with an attractive smell and no waste. Overall we were delighted with the way the calves developed.’
A dairy farmer who uses Danmilk Eminent for feeding calves on the family’s dairy farm in Co. Westmeath.
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