Cage Replacement Layer Houses


  • PE services in partnership with Hellmann Poultry who are specialist in the developement & production of high quality poultry housing systems. They understand the needs and demands on the Irish market. The "eggcellence" quality products are engineered in Germany.
  • Their " made-in Germany" housing systems are distributed all over the world. Hellmann systems combine customers requirements with nationally applicable animal wellfare regulations such as Bord bia. The combination of a healthy animals in a well designed environment with a trusted service partner PE services is the key to a profitable outcome for the farmers. The Aviary PRO 10 from Hellmann Poultry is compact multi tier layer system  that suits many types of buildings.

Advantages :

  • Low and compact housing system
  • Special, animal-friendly nest
  • Identical features on every tier
  • Strong and durable design
  • Excellent results with easy management

The PRO 11 was developed with the need for an individual, customizable system in mind. It can be adapted to meet virtually any customer requirement, which makes it a very flexible solution. It is also particularly suited for higher stocking densities and the nest depth can be adapted. In addition to having all the advantages of the PRO 10, the PRO 11 can be equipped with many different nest types and also with system egg belts.

Advantages :

  • More than 80 different variants available
  • Advantageous design for more birds per sq.m usable floor space
  • Meets highest animal welfare standards
  • Excellent egg quality and optimum production conditions
  • Strong and durable housing system thanks to high-quality components
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