V-Mac Silos

V-Mac Silos - Enclosed

The cone area is enclosed which provides protection to the farmer as bags or barrows are filled and provides protection to the cone area from weathering. The cone is accessed through a lockable, standard (2.2m high, 102cm wide) door.

The storage area created can be used for storing bags of feed, farm implements or animal medicines. It's the perfect solution for isolated locations or where you are manually emptying the silo.

Enclosed silos also come complete with an inspection hatch on the roof and a ladder guard to hold the top of your ladder in place.


V-Mac Silos - Legged

Is ideal for bagging or auger extraction. There are 42 inches (106cm) under the cone as standard and the width between the legs is 62 inches (157cm).

This is a perfect no frills storage solution.


V-Mac Silos - Offset

Ideal for filling loader buckets or Snackers. The design of the Offset cone with a wide neck funnelling down to the bagging spout is especially designed to reduce the feed "bridging" and sticking to the cone.The full weight of the feed in the silo pushes through the Offset cone to ensure maximum feed flow.


Sizes of Meal Silos


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