Heat Recovery


All PRC COMPACT exchanger models are supplied with:

  • 1 set of filter cartridges
  • 1 automatic cartridge cleaning system
  • 1 air compressor
  • 1 air diffuser
  • EC fan

The CID'R18 Air Handling Unit disinfects the air entering the building. The CID'R18 is the only system having proven an effectiveness in destroying the avian flu virus of at least 98.8%.

Equipped with catalysts combined with UV-C lamps, the technological module (reactor) ensures the highly efficient destruction of all contaminants. It imposes and ensures ventilation operation at excess pressure (progressive flow rate between 4000 and 18,000m 3 /h). The CID'R18 also integrates a heating system equipped with a 70KW hot water battery and a high-efficiency gas condensing boiler.

The PRC31 EVOLUTION heat exchanger  is a heat exchanger which has an exchange cassette with a surface area of ​​31m2 and a fan of 2500 m3/h. Made of Polyethylene, it is very easy to use thanks to its removable exchange cassette and its 2 progressive fans. An automatic filter (optional) can be associated with the PRC31 EVOLUTION exchanger .

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