Feedtronic 4004-A

Feedtronic 4004-A

Feedtronic 4004-A

FeedTronic 4004-A feed silo weighing system


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FeedTronic 4004-A is a powerful feed silo weighing system especially designed for restrictive feeding for pullets, heavy breeders and free feeding for broilers. Feed lines can be operated up to 8 times in a 24-hour period in accordance to the preset quantity of feed.

FeedTronic 4004-A unit displays current weight from 2 feed silos, displays daily and total feed consumption; if a water meter is connected, daily water consumption is also displayed.  The last silo filling can be recalled. All data is recorded in the controller’s internal memory

Feedtronic 4004-A can be remotely controlled from any connected device, PC, smartphone or tablet via the Cellink cellular alarm unit.


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